31 July 2014 @ 08:52 am
Mama! Mama look!

[A tiny girl with bright red hair proudly holds up a handful of slightly wilted flowers.]

These are mine! I planted them! Mr. Takananana said I did a good!

Can we show daddy and Prince brother?

[Then she seems to notice the camera]

Ooooh, can you tell me a story?
30 July 2014 @ 08:25 pm
[Look whose physical age finally matches his mental age. Or don't look because I don't have icons.]

I know my ABCs! Look!

[And there's some scribbling of the alphabet, but instead of a letter-J, in between the I and the K is a crude drawing of this guy]

See? I made a J!
28 July 2014 @ 07:19 am
47. tiny hope  
[video; please imagine that I have child icons]

*Oh, hey, it's the weird kid in class who drags around a plush dog all day and sometimes chews on it. She waves.*

Will you be my friend? All my friends moved away.

I wanna play with someone. Do you guys wanna play house? Or colour? I bet we could even get all the dress-up stuff and become pirates who take over the school.

(Kindergarten AU yaaaaaaaay. This is set up to be like the High School, College, and Hogwarts viruses, so everyone gets to be five and play around!)
27 July 2014 @ 05:13 pm
That idiot  
[It's Vash's name, his journal, but the boy on the entry is most certainly not Vash. No, he's considerably younger, smaller, with dark hair and eyes.]

Something else? How much lost technology does this guy have?

[What's it do...there's people here!] Hey, hey, can anybody else hear me? You're all his friends right? That's why you're in this thing? Maybe you can talk some since into him before the idiot gets killed. He's underestimating everybody, going up against the Bad Lad's Gang and thinking he can get by without killing anybody... He's not really that bad a guy so can one of you talk some sense into him before it's too late?

...He's already taken a bullet but he won't listen to me. If he's always said the same kind of stuff, it doesn't matter, guys like that don't last in this world. I don't get how he's made it this long so just talk to him, make him stop.

[Nevermind that Kaite himself has the device.]

(ooc: Canon update through Kaite. All replies will come from him rather than Vash.]
21 July 2014 @ 08:45 am
Forgive me for the strange question but...

What is a 'yaoi' and where may I purchase one?

- Ton Elloran
20 July 2014 @ 08:13 pm
Send The Bill  
[There's a ruckus at a store in Minato ward as a pink blur runs out laughing.] Send the bill to Nozomi Yumehara! I'm out!

[A laughing copy of Nozomi is bolting before her features blur in a animation-saving way as she passes a tree and becomes more elvish in nature.]

Aaaah that was fun! Where to next? [And she sunglasses.]
19 July 2014 @ 11:22 pm
[Rose-Colored Glasses, video]  
Okay, so I'm grounded. Mom found out my grades are tanking, and then I snuck out of the house to try to catch a movie premiere, but I fell asleep during the movie anyway, so it really doesn't matter. Oh, and Caleb had to rush to clean up Irma's house because he was babysitting her little brother and it went terrible.

But I feel really good. I just gave Mom a big hug, and I just want to fly around my room and everything. Anyone else having a really good day?
19 July 2014 @ 09:10 am
video; Rose colored glasses  
[When the obviously intentional video starts, Sena is grinning, her mood noticeably high especially when compared to the last video she posted.]

I realized today that it's a good thing Link decided to leave the community. He's a hero so there's no way he's dead but there were really weird things about his age. Now, I don't have to wait for him to fix it! There's a lot of other cute people on the community and in my own world. Heh, so I decided I'm ready.

[She flashes a close up peace sign at the community.] I'm Kashiwazaki Sena and I'm not holding back anymore.
18 July 2014 @ 02:26 pm
[Text, made under the effect of Rose Colored Glasses]  
While it is possible I am feeling this way because of this technology, I no longer loathe the large amount of trash that I'll have to clean up. The more of it there is, there more I get to rip it apart and dispose of it, which is quite entertaining. The blindfold he wears isn't so irritating either, and nor is the fact that my Master sleeps for the moment. It simply means that I get to enjoy the eventual tragedy and the pain it shall inflict on him, whether he manages to cast it aside or not.

And soon, my Master shall be in perfect health once again, able to incinerate whatever garbage and mice are left. Even these blazing suns just allow me to rest and eat ice cream. It's quite strange, really, but if this is the result of this technology meddling with the script, it is a very poor attempt to irritate me.
17 July 2014 @ 10:19 pm
I have once again met up with Kaoru-dono, the young woman who runs the Kamiya-Kasshin school. And something she said has made me reflect on what has been going on lately with the community.
She believes that a sword should be used to "give someone life," to protect others. It is something that I wish I could believe in, but I have done enough to know the truth.

In the war, I was an assassin, the most notorious--the Battousai. It is not a past I am proud of, and now someone is using that name to commit murders and frame Kaoru-dono's school.

I had believed in what I was fighting for, believing that I could help bring about a new era free of the fear and pain of what I had lived in. But I know now that whatever sacrifices I made, I should have made of myself, not of others. I do not see any kind of belief, whether misplaced or not, in this imposter Battousai.

I suppose I have spoken around the point, but I am curious. What is it that you believe in, that you would sacrifice everything for, or fight or kill for? Although, I understand if I may make all of you uncomfortable, now that I have revealed my past.
17 July 2014 @ 01:19 pm
New Stage 3  
Yep that's a thing.

Found out Toei made another New Stage Movie. So that's been what, three now since Ayumi left us?

Either way, I get a awesome teamup with Lemonade. If you call running and screaming like a derp awesome. But I suppose people like that from me.

Oh on another note, I've started collecting Kamen Rider toys in addition to the native-Toei stuff I already get. I have a DJ Gun now and waiting on a Peerless Saber. Biggest Roleplay Weapon ever.

Oh and yesterday I got turned into a four year old. Just fyi.
16 July 2014 @ 06:44 pm
-like a regular hand mirror to me.

[Sorry if you're susceptible to motion sickness, because the guy appearing in the video is turning the hand mirror all around and inspecting every angle, before finally holding it upright. From this angle, his shrimp tail is visible, swaying gently.]

Minero's usually the one who insists that they've found treasure, but it looks like her judgment today was right. I can't find anything out of the ordinary about this at all.

It's a little small for Doloz to use... Maybe Lobco would like it? I should have a present for her when she gets back, it'll be any day now. Ah, I can't wait!
13 July 2014 @ 10:57 pm
["locked" from Mir]  
Elloran, love, be a dear and lend me the use of thirty or so of your planets. I'd rather not have them destroyed - ah, you still use the term fall beyond, do you not? - in your time rather than mine, but there's no way of knowing how our time compares to that of the main community. Lets see...Zeta Phi S340, Tau Lamda D32, Darion 5...[He proceeds to list of the coordinates of another thirty planets, with the apparent assumption that Elloran will know what he's refrencing.]

And to cut short that tedious business of whether or not you will help me...

History there is, and No History. Sh'zali Knot. First move: Destroyer to Level 4. Second move, Pawn sacrifice. Third, exchange of Sens on Fifth Level. Fourth: Destroyer Check, Sacrifice, and Inquestor Mate in Five Moves. Don't say you wouldn't lose, you know you avoid sacrifices at every opportunity. But I won't tell my younger self your weakness if you send me the tokens promptly. Consider it my insurance.

And with that settled, the real game can start. It has been so long since I've had a worthy opponent...I should thank you all for offering me a challenge that I could never take in my own damaged universe.

[[ooc: Karakael has put up one of the more basic locks against Mir. She'll easily be able to break it if she puts her mind to it...which is half the point, as the text gives the locations of 30 minor worlds in the Inquest universe, all of them common sacrificial worlds.]
12 July 2014 @ 10:12 pm
[Jin, fully morphed, is making another one of those "Hope you don't sick looking at this, because the camera is going all over the place" videos where he's fighting Buglars while also trying to post to the community. Because multitasking is a valuable ability.]

Yo! Sorry for the shaky-cam, but we ran into a little trouble here. We're going into Hyperspace to shut down Messiah once and for all. It's gonna be dangerous, and honestly, I don't think the others are ready, but we don't have a choice.

[Along with J, he regroups with Yellow Buster and Blue Buster, who are shooting at the Buglars ahead of them.]

Everyone, fall back!

[The four of them run into the building, trying to make it to the hangar]

Escape's not gonna quit that easily--Makoto! Get ready--we're in for some company!
12 July 2014 @ 07:48 am
[The video cuts in with a jarring shake, the camera tumbling, coming to focus on the bottom of a green couch and a chipped tile floor that probably needs to be mopped. Some unfamiliar voices mumble about "How do we erase this?" or "How the hell did we forget the security feed?" or wondering if they "should go grab one of the alchemists?" 

It's the latter question that gets a response from the decided star of today's video, the voice coming from the man picking up the camera and looking close up enough at the lens that you can see the veins in his eyeball.]

Nah, it can't be an alchemy thing if Greed can work it.

[The video focus draws away from his eye as he sets the camera it down on the table for a view of him on the couch, staring at the computer--a device decidedly more than a little anachronistic in a low lit, low-tech, mostly empty bar in which nobody seems to have anything immediately digital on their person. The lot lingering around the back of the couch don't look to be the most savory bunch, in rather tattered clothing, perhaps even recently roughed up, though there's a look about them suggesting that maybe hygiene's never been their highest priority.]

It's got a light on now. We probably just turned it on. 

[The man speaking seems to find that both ironic and mildly if not bitterly amusing, smacking his hand over his face and leaning back on the couch with a mix between a sigh and a groan.]

It just fucking figures he can't even be half assed to run the security any more... Guess that's lucky for us.

[Someone else asks if they shouldn't still be looking for the feed to erase the video. "The whole recording's gonna look suspicious."

The man gives a sulking look to the camera before sitting up and at least throwing a messy handkerchief over the visual feed.]

He doesn't even care if the military gets called down on the whole bunch over this drug cartel bullshit, you think he cares about internal spats enough to do anything?

[But still, unseen on the video, he'll try poking at things, trying to manipulate a completely non-intuitive visual interface to delete whatever video might be recording. If the fact that he barely knows what a mouse is much less what a right click does weren't enough to make it an impossible task, the fact that the video's been posted to the community has only made it a more doomed endeavor.]

((OOC: Drug plot with Stanley; replies may come from one-shot NPC character or Greed; Greed specifically if you denote your post as a 'later' reply, NPC specifically if you denote 'early' reply.))

10 July 2014 @ 09:39 pm
I've been hearing some rumors at work lately that Kougami-san is working on another set of Core Medals. I mean, I think he'd be more careful with them, after what happened to me with Poseidon, but...I can't help but feel a little worried about it anyway.

Should I try to talk him out of it? Or just find out more information first?
10 July 2014 @ 09:58 am
⚒ 008 | video | backdated to the morning of the 8th  
[For approximately three seconds, the community gets a view of a peaceful-looking green forest.

Then, there's a loud bang. The entire sky-- from horizon to horizon-- crackles, and what looks like lightning spreads quickly across it. Suddenly, it doesn't look like sky anymore: it goes completely dark for a second, and when it lights up again, a large crosshatch pattern can be seen across the whole thing. There's another loud sound, somewhere off in the distance. The lightning flashes a few more times, and then... nothing. There's sky again, but to the discerning eye, it's just a little bit different. That's because it's not a hologram anymore-- it's the real thing. The force field of the 74th Hunger Games arena is down. It all takes less than ten seconds.]
10 July 2014 @ 07:26 am
What do you think of the idea that "as long as you remember someone, they'll come back"? I've heard it around and I'm not sure what it means.

Do you miss anyone?

I'm sorry that these are sad questions. It's just something I've been thinking about.
08 July 2014 @ 08:45 am
Video| First Strike  
[The video begins with a face none of you have ever seen before-masked with a visor that clicks and whirs and gives the very human lips and white hair that extend from beneath it a slightly robotic cast...even as a familiar voice will issue forth from those cruelly smiling lips.]

Good Morning Ducks. I do hope you will excuse my informal address, but I'm practically giddy with excitement. You see, this is Mir-and I'm speaking to you from my new body. Shurelia thought she had stopped me, but I'm afraid that it's she who has been stopped. After all, I'm wearing her like a cheap suit, and nobody will dare to touch the Administrator whose life is the only thing standing between those pathetic humans and certain doom. My doom.

See the true face of Evil inside. )

((ooc: Mir will not be playing nice today, but nor will she be entirely unreasonable. And anything in Italics is actually network-translated Hymmnos.))
05 July 2014 @ 10:26 pm
[Canon update, video; TRIPLE DELUXE START!]  
[Ah, it's the beginning of another sunrise in Dream Land. The grassland is as idyllic as ever, and there is a small dome building in the feed that belongs to a certain someone we should all know (by now)]

Kirby's House. )

[Our little planet saviour can be seen catching his forty winks through the window. Awwww.

It looks like the start of yet another peaceful day.

Ah, who is this mun trying to jest? This is Pop Star!

A royal kidnapping )