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...I've been thinking....

I'm really happy. I have a good job, even though the men aren't thrilled that a girl is a blacksmith in their community. And I have a wonderful husband! Our life isn't the best, but we're doing all right.

But I've been thinking that maybe...we should add to it. Maybe we should have a baby.

What do you think?
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Yer special little loverboy would probably still think it's a great idea. Heard him go on and on about it once.
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Oh. That's what's goin' on, huh.

In that case, why don'tcha wait about four or five days before gettin too quick to makin' that baby? Fun as the kid's reaction might be, that's too tasteless a prank to get you caught up in, even for me.

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[video; from the castle]

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[He stares at the video in shock before a slow smile starts to cross his face]



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[nods and tries to keep a huge smile from appearing. HE CAN'T.]

...Maybe...maybe later when things are safer. For you know...


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Well, if you love each other enough. I don't see why not.

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You're welcome.

... Say why is it you know me? I don't know you.

But yes, it's me. Although, Mr. might be putting a little over the top.

Only freshly twenty after all.

.. Speaking of which, who are you?
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A kid is a big responsibility. Can I ask how old are you?

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That's quite young, why do you want a kid now?
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Oh my goodness I think you definitely should! What are you going to name them?
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Yes, of course! And I read in another thread that you think you're a little too young, but my mama had me when she was eighteen, so really, it's very possible!

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[Video, always, locked from Envy, always]

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[Ed leaves the screen, she had been nicely dressed by then and there was the sound of crashing in the background and raging behind the bathroom door.]

[Video, always, locked from Envy, always]

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SHIT! [Ed cried out from the other room and he comes back, blood dripping from his left hand.]

Never mind, no it isn't.

[Video cuts out.]

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I know that my agreeing with Greed is a sign of the End Times, shadows overrun the earth, and cats and dogs living together... but I do think you should take a week to discuss having a child.

Congrats, I guess.

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[Happy kitty's tail goes wild! Happy armor dance! Happy armor just... destroyed that room oops.]

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This is actually pinging some of Naoto's issues about motherhood

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Um... Aren't you a bit young to be thinking about children...?