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001 // accidental video

[Some of you might recognize the half-Japanese cop squinting at the computer screen. Ryo's had access to the community before, but judging by his befuddled expression, he's having trouble remembering, exactly, what it is.]


[He twists slightly in his chair, leaning back and peering into what seems to be his own kitchen.]

Did you put a virus onto this thing..?

[Expression vaguely irritated, he turns back to the computer screen and begins typing furtively.]

"Community"... ? What is this?

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I thought you'd left.

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You came back then? I thought you must have deleted your account or something by the way Dee was rambling on.

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I heard that you did.

Hmm. Hey, are you at home right now?

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This community seems to like to bug me when I'm at work.

And Dee isn't.

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He isn't here at work where I can gaze at him!

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I'm just stuck doing lousy paperwork.

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I don't know where he went.

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He's probably hiding from the paperwork.

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He'll probably turn up as I'm signing the last page.

No wonder he volunteered to get Chinese the other night.

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You think I'm that gullible?

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Oh, yeah? Hm.


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[Dee wanders into the room where Ryo's using the computer] Did I what?
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[Dee freezes in his tracks, staring hard at the website on the computer monitor] found you again?


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[Dee nods, biting his tongue because. Ryo should know too, really]
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[Dee nods, looking shaken almost] Yeah. ...yeah, you have. you remember it, now?


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[Dee steps forward putting a hand on Ryo's shoulder gently, realizing that the other man is struggling a little bit there]

I. I don't know. You just forgot about it one day. And I didn't... I didn't know what to think. [He kneels down next to Ryo, looking up at him] ...are you alright?


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[Dee bites his lip for a second, before shaking his head. He isn't being dramatic, he doesn't think]

...Ryo. Does the name Mag ring any bells for you?


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Just now? Or...? [He's not sure whether Ryo is speaking from recent memory, or...whether he's really remembering her from the past. He watches Ryo closely]



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[Dee sighed] You're telling me, man. First you forgot about it and now you're remembering it again? I don't even know what to think, here. [He taps Ryo on the forehead] You sure you didn't hit your head or anything recently?

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Is not a virus, sir. And it won't ago away until you talk to us for some time.

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It's possible, some people here comes and go.

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You have no idea. it's hard when you see your friends come and go and you can't do nothing about it.

Pleasure to meet you, Ryo. I'm Hakuba.

[identity profile] 2011-03-05 03:55 am (UTC)(link)'re remembering again?

[Her voice is hopeful but she doesn't want to jump to any conclusions quite yet]