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[Hello, community. Have video feed of a half-Japanese man in his late twenties, dressed in a tacky sweater and holding a mug of what is by the color either weak coffee or strong tea.

His smile is a little sleepy, but absolutely genuine.]

I've been wondering: what kinds of jobs do all of you have? There are three of us with access to the community that are cops. I know we have sort of a random sampling from all worlds. I can't help but be curious about how everyone makes a living.


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I'm an automail engineer! Well, I need to take my test for my journeyman license.


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Automail is wonderful! It's bioelectric engineering - completely mobile, functioning prostheses powered by a person's own body!


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Volunteer soldier. Pilot, officially, although calling ANIMa maneuvers Piloting is some kind of metaphor.

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Count your blessings. It means you haven't faced down the critters we need to use it against.'s a psychic war-machine, projects a walker. Useful against certain things not native to my universe.

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Police, huh? It's good to see there are some others on here with fairly "normal" jobs. I'm a physician, myself.

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That's right. My specialty is internal medicine. I'm the head of the local clinic; it may sound impressive, but to be fair, it's a very small village.

Ozaki Toshio. Good to meet you, Officer.

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I own a high end shoe store in upper Manhattan.

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I'm a student for now.

[Autolocked from Crocker as Cosmo is a blabbing idiot]

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I'm a fairy godparent!

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What have I told you? COSMO!

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I do not have a job as such, Officer, but I quite enjoy looking after my family.

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Actually, he's a detective, not an officer. They're different things.

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I, Jorgen Von Strangle, toughest fairy in the universe, am also a fellow

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I sometimes work part time at Sheets 'n' Things, but mostly I'm busy with school and stuff.

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I'd answer this but I think you already know.