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It's been a while since I've accessed this.

[Ryo.. doesn't really use the computer much. He's sitting in front of the screen, hair damp and dressed in pajamas, cup of tea in hand. There is the sound of orchestrated chaos behind him; there's a pre-teen boy on the couch, excitedly watching some sort of loud action movie.]

Do any of you have children?

[It might be interesting to note that Ryo is only, at most, fifteen or so years older than the kid behind him.]

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That takes me back.

I have a daughter. Why?

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Geezer? You're not old. For cryin' out loud you can't be more then twenty and you have a kid. What's the matter with you?

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Really?! You don't look like you are.

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That is your child?

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Why choose to adopt a child?

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[Dee takes a while, wondering if he should respond or not, wondering if Ryo would care or not, wondering a lot of things really. He's been doing far more thinking than he ever usually does]

You know, if I didn't know that was a movie, I still wouldn't be surprised to associate that racket with Bikky...

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And what was it last time, then? [Dee knows all about trouble makers, considering he was one]

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[Dee makes a face] Well. I've gotta give him one for originality, at least...

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Welcome back, Ryo.

Did something happen with Bikky?

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What are you going to do to celebrate?

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Of course! I wouldn't miss it.