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I need your ghost stories, community. The scarier the better, please.
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Once upon a time, there was a bar tender who served "spirits." People would drink his drinks and get possessed and go out bounty-hunting for assholes who didn't pay their tabs. The blood of the cheapskates was the favorite drink of spirits, so he was known as the bartender of the dead and they paid by being in his delicious drinks. It was a circle of death. Delicious alcoholic death.
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It'd be pretty funny if a dead person started telling ghost stories...

Okay, give me a minute and I'll come up with one!

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It's a bit early for that kinda thing, isn't it? Or are you collecting them up ready for Halloween?

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Nah, you're probably right. The internet's pretty good for finding creepy stuff.

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You should, it has like, everything! Except if you want, you know, facts, apparently you're not meant to use wikipedia.

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I guess that's probably the best plan. Not that they'd have stuff like scary stories.

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I don't know if I should really tell them anymore...

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Well, I've been told if you tell too many ghost stories it's possible to summon real ghosts.

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Yeah. I'm lucky it didn't really happen to me when I thought it did. But I've seen a lot of stuff lately, so I think it's possible.

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Exactly. There's enough of it without me asking for it...

Why were you looking for ghost stories?

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Maybe you could find a book of them? I'm sure there are plenty out there.

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I hope you can find someone else to help, then. I'd rather not risk it.

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No problem! I just wish I could have helped out more.
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There's this one local legend of a woman being thrown into a well. After living one hundred and eight days in the well she died. She became an urami--in this case, a ky┼Źkotsu. To get back at the people who wronged her, she consumed them and brought them to Yomi. But like all grudges, she didn't stop there. She wouldn't be satisfied, whether they had anything to do with her grudge or not. She thought she could go on forever like this, but of course after consuming the one thousand and eighth soul she found she had brought the soul not to Yomi, but to Jigoku. Because of her grudge, both she and an innocent would have to suffer forever.

That's basically it.
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According to the village it happened in, it's a true story. But a lot of time has passed since then, so...
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Eh? Doesn't murder happen everywhere?
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Oh. Those who are killed have a choice between taking revenge or not. Obviously not everyone keeps their grudge.

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Is this for Bikky?
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In Japan, long ago, there was a beautiful young woman who was the wife of a samurai. She was also very vain and cheating on the samurai, so one night he attacked her and slit her mouth from ear to ear, screaming "Who will think you are beautiful now?!"

And now, on foggy evenings, a lovely young woman wearing a mask wanders the land, and asks people, mostly children and older teenagers, if they think she is beautiful. If they say yes, she removes her mask to show the injury the samurai gave her and asks "Even like this?" If they answer no, she kills them on the spot with a pair of scissors. If they answer yes, she lets them make it home and kills them on their doorstep. If they answer "you are average" or "so so," it confuses her and gives her victims time to escape.

And that is the story of the Kuchisake-onna.
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You're welcome. Will you need any others?