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[The video clicks on, revealing Alexia with her usual stern expression. However she appears to be dressed in modern apparel and sitting in a library filled with books and computers. She is tapping her finger impatiently against the table she is seated at.]

While I understand you are all under a lot of stress thanks to this latest virus mess, I'd appreciate it if you would all stop posting so much about it! I am trying to concentrate on a thesis paper. You know how the community can be. Every time one of you posts it pops up on my screen.

Don't get me wrong. I completely sympathize, but this paper is important. And much more interesting.

[All replies will come from [personal profile] treacletart. Please do not friend the journal.]
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[personal profile] p_a_r_a_d_o_x 2012-04-22 10:23 pm (UTC)(link)
That's not what I meant.

Okay not this is getting really weird. Jack, is that you?
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No need to pretend it wasn't.

Aye. Who else would I be?
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I just meant that she is not as covered up as she usually is.

Captain Jack Sparrow?
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I think you have that backwards.

Aye. You're being strange, Chrissy.
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No, I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who got it right here.

What happened to your hat and...looks. [AND DIRT? You even had a jar ;w;]
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[ pushes glasses up. giving you trademark weird looks ]

What? This hat? [ pulls it out and sticks it on. still owns that hat au or not. it's a nice hat. ] --What about my looks? [ not sure if he should be offended or not :| ]
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[Those glasses look good on you, Jack. Something is very wrong.]

Since when a pirate wears glasses? Or looks so clean. What's the name of your ship?
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...When do pirates- They wear whatever they want. And the Pearl, of course. Chrissy, luv, you're being strange.
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You are not all yourself, Jack. Something are just wrong. [He looks a bit stressed. This last month had been really hard for him in general, this is ruining his nerves.]
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Oh? Do share. You look a bit on edge, Chrissy darling. Do you need a hug?
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No, thanks. [Arthur pinches the bridge of his nose.]

I might need some rest, though. And a drink. A strong drink.
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I can do the drink part.
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I feel tired enough to accept the offer, if you are really willing to deal with me.
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I'm completely willing, Chrissy. I will get a very large bottle for you.
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Do you want to actio spam...?

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Then thank you, Mr. Sparrow. I will ask someone for a worldhop.
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Anytime, luv.
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/o/ - Good quesiton >.>

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[ooc: let's actio spam here:]