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[The video from Izumi's cell phone turns on and shows an upward angle of her face. Unlike when you last saw her, Izumi is wearing clothes more befitting for late fall rather than summer. She seems to be busy typing up a text when she realizes the camera is on and stops. She leans in and takes a close look at her screen.]

Is that...

Per carita! It is! The community finally came back!

[She smiles and waves.]

Ciao anitre! It's been a while. How is everyone?

I'll have to tell Kouji about this. [She stops and suddenly looks a bit angry. She mumbles something to herself.] Well he can find out on his own.

But anyway, it's good to see this place again!

[ooc: Italian translations are "No way!" and "Hello Ducks!"]
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[in flawless Italian, though the screen shows he's busy with TWO OTHER screens, reading something in another window on gamma radiation and Einstein-Rosen bridges:]

Been gone a while, have you?
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all the italian forever!

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Okay. ... Somehoooowwwwww I think I probably missed meeting you, even though I've been here since May, and that? Is a travesty.

[he flashes her a quick smile] Tony Stark, nice to meet you.
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Nice to meet you too - but please. We're not in a business relationship here, drop the "san" stuff. It's just Tony.
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Seriously, the only people who call me Mr. Stark either get paid tons of money by me, or are ridiculously older than me and won't listen when I tell them not to. You don't fit either criteria, so yeah, I'm sure.
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Yep, just Tony. It always amazes me how many people on this thing have a problem with that, even if they don't know who I am.
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So you aren't originally from Italy, then ...? [we aren't talking about formality anymore, that is so five seconds ago]
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So you've probably been all over the world, yeah? Not too bad, if you ask me. Pretty decent life if you look at it right. Italy's got better food, anyway, at least.
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Yeah? What're your favorites?
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I was never a big octopus fan, myself, but I can definitely agree with you on the carbonara.

Then again, you put bacon on just about anything and Americans will eat it.
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Especially cheeseburgers. Cheeseburgers are pretty much the OTP of bacon.
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One True Pairing. You know. Like peanut butter and jelly, Joanie and Chachi, cheese and crackers, and Brangelina.
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Enough to get what I mean, at least, yeah?