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If you have friends that you only see once a year, but they don't visit or even talk with you in-between those times, what would you do?

Would the fact that you only see them when something bad is happening and not because they wanted to see you not make them your "real" friends?

Would it also be selfish to want to hang out with them when you can't?

(OOC: His last conversation with Yu had got him thinking a bit after it had ended, plus the guilt of using the Star Rod to make Eggman give up and his behavior in the last virus didn't exactly help.)
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Your friends are there for you when things are going badly as well as when they're good. Even if you don't talk to them every day, if you can count on them, they're your friends. They might just be more about actions than words.

(sigh) Sometimes I feel a little guilty about not hanging out with my friends, but I realize that they're still around for me and that they care about me just as much as I care about them.

Twilight and her brother only seem to get to see each other when things are going wrong, but they're still really close.

I... I guess my point is that sometimes the friends you don't see very often are the ones you value most.
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[Fluttershy examines the text as it pops up, thinks for a few moments about her reply, and then says:]

Well, um... you could invite them over. If they accept, you'll get to hang out like you wanted, and if they decline, they might be busy or more asocial.

But if you really need someone to hang out with, I can try to visit... somehow...
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I didn't mean everypony at the same time... (winces and smiles a little at the image of twenty or so ponies trying to cram into a small cottage) ...Just one or two at a time.
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Sometimes it's not so easy to keep in touch. It's more important for a friend to be there when things are bad than when it's good, anyway, if you ask me.
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You're in touch enough to know when something's happening to be there for each other, at least.
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Then they only come to you when they're in trouble? Is it possible for you to visit them?
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Even so, I wouldn't be so sure they wouldn't want you to be a part of it. It does sound suspicious but talking with someone can help clear any misunderstandings.
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If they don't want to spend time with you then, I won't say turn them away when they need help but I wouldn't think of them as friends.
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It's common for friends of friends to become your friends.
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You don't have to let yourself be used. It's kind of you to help and I'm sure they're grateful for even that much.
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No, it really isn't. No matter how much you might think that, being used is never better than being alone.

And I won't let you be alone either. Tell me who you are.
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Tails! [She grins, happy to see him.]

Oh, Tails, you know you're not alone. You have your friends in your world and your friends here. At the very least, you'll always have me.
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Has something happened?
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We can't help what we do when it comes to viruses. There's no reason to feel guilty for what you did while affected by one. Sonic isn't a part of the community, though, is he?

And I'm sorry I was gone for a bit. Things for a little busy and I didn't have as much time as I used to.

But I'd like to hear more about Bowser. I'm not sure who he is. What kind of work did he ask you to do for him?
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Something bad happens to them once a year? That sounds a little dangerous, there.
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Does he pick the same day? It would be good to fight a punctual villain.
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What changes if you decide they're not your friends?
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Will you stop helping them?
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Then the only thing that would change is what you called them. I think I would consider anybody who saved me a friend.
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If you saved the world, everybody's your friend!
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The hero business sounds complicated, huh. Good thing you have your real friends, then.
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