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[The video starts up, oddly enough, in Tails' workshop. He seems to be building a machine that so far looks kinda like a phone booth but it's clearly not one. On the table there appears to be blueprints with the words "Tornado Transformation Machine 1" on it. What could that possibly mean?

As he puts down the monkey wrench he was using, he turns around and notices the camera.]

Oh hey guys. I'm building a machine that I've always wanted to build, but I couldn't because I was concerned that it would break. A machine capable to changing someone from one species to another. I call it the Tornado Transformation Machine 1.

[He picks another wrench and some screws.] It's no-where near done, but I should it done by tonight.

[The video cuts out after he starts going back to work.]

(OOC: As he said, he's building a machine to change someone's species due to being affected by the latest virus. Since it'll take him all day to build it, there will be a post tomorrow testing it on himself. As for what he'll change into, I dunno yet. If anyone has suggestions, feel free to tell me. Otherwise I'll have it figured out by tomorrow.)
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What does that do? Create tornados?
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Oooooh, I see. But why would you call that a Tornado Transformation Machine 1? Why not Changeinator?

Actually... That's not a bad idea... But I really should find Vanessa first.
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Hey! What's wrong with literal?

Oh, nothing. Nothing. [So eye shifty] You go ahead and finish building that.

...Why are you building that, anyways?
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Well, good because if it was I'd have to file a law suit against you for copyright infringement. That's right.

Who are you going to be trying this out on?
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Well, I could always ~destory~ you. [evil snicker]

The power of positive thinking is important. It may not sound like much but gives one self confidence in their own projects.
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I know the feeling ~

So, what are you going to transform yourself into, Tails the Two Tail Fox?
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Re: [Video]

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You could always transform yourself into a monster with large claws [Heinz makes grabby hands] and huge feet and firey breath for destruction! [Heinz is acting out his monster and so involved he sorta forgot who he's talking too]
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Oh fine have it your way.
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I know but with your genius you should be. All you need is a petty grudge against something and you're set ~
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Voltageous! What gave you the idea?
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But now you can try it and it'll be fine, right?
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Really? What are you going to do to yourself?
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Why not try a few things and see?
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You could even be a couple things at once!
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Aww, you can't? Okay. It just seemed like fun!
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Okay! I trust you.
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Aren't you happy with what you are?
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Then how is it coming?
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I know you're very smart but do you think it's a good idea to use it on someone before testing it?
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I didn't mean someone else. There's no way to test it on something not alive?
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[She sighs.] Just be careful.