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What do you think of the idea that "as long as you remember someone, they'll come back"? I've heard it around and I'm not sure what it means.

Do you miss anyone?

I'm sorry that these are sad questions. It's just something I've been thinking about.
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How many people will be hurt if you self-destruct?

You have powers, do you not? And you have been here long enough to see what ill things like Shadows do. Do you really believe your misery will bring anything but horror? There is a reason heroes are coddled so often. Their powers could unleash hell if they are not kept content.
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You sound like Elloran. Always self-sacrificing. And always assuming you know so much more about the world than anyone else.
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But did you not say your opinion mattered more than your friends?
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But their thoughts matter so little to you that you will not even listen to them.

Rather selfish, that.
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It seems with this strategy everyone is unhappy and ignored.
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Why can't you be the happy one?

And please don't apologize. Can you really not recognize when someone is baiting you?
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Why, exactly, do you assume your happiness would negatively impact others?
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How, exactly, are you doing that?
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Why is that the "right" thing?

And why are you the only one with a choice in this matter?
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Child, you would make a lovely Inquestor. All that desire for self-sacrifice, without any real thought for others opinions.

Can you really not imagine that some of your friends might wish you to be happy, just as you wish them to be?
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Well, most of my kind realized that it would be better for them to be dead than continue harming the galaxy. So no, not particularly a complement.

Hard things are usually worth thinking about, though, right?
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They didn't want to either. But they spent so much time sad and alone and trying to do the best for the end they did far more damage than someone who didn't care at all.

So what do you want to do for you? Rather than anyone else.

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