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Masato Jin ([personal profile] boostup4beetbuster) wrote in [community profile] dramadramaduck2014-07-12 10:12 pm


[Jin, fully morphed, is making another one of those "Hope you don't sick looking at this, because the camera is going all over the place" videos where he's fighting Buglars while also trying to post to the community. Because multitasking is a valuable ability.]

Yo! Sorry for the shaky-cam, but we ran into a little trouble here. We're going into Hyperspace to shut down Messiah once and for all. It's gonna be dangerous, and honestly, I don't think the others are ready, but we don't have a choice.

[Along with J, he regroups with Yellow Buster and Blue Buster, who are shooting at the Buglars ahead of them.]

Everyone, fall back!

[The four of them run into the building, trying to make it to the hangar]

Escape's not gonna quit that easily--Makoto! Get ready--we're in for some company!

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