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Go-Busters vs Dobutsu

[There's a giant monster fight, and everyone's invited. Or rather the Go-Busters are having a "ball" with this.

That being said, J decides to do something odd as he paints the skyline with formed laser letters.]

Happy New Year Community.

[And then he goes back to fighting.]
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Hey, there's two of me now! ...And the other guy has a bad back. Hold on.
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I think I can push him up? I dunno. Is this gonna happen to me if we get my body back?
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Huh. I'll have to rig up something in that case.

Also. Something's been bugging me. Notice anything about Kurorin's hair lately?
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He looks FANTASTIC. I approve.
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Yeah, something fuller, probably.
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Clearly not from me. 'Cause I got style.
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That's it! After we get back from spying on Ryuji's date, we're gonna give Kurorin a full makeover. 'Cause he's actually starting to put pride into his appearance, and we're keeping this up.
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Awesome. Next up is fixing his wardrobe.
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Y'know, that's a good question.
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Good job!
yes_im_kawaii: Makoto annoyed. (grrrr)

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yes_im_kawaii: Makoto falling backwards. (ohcrapohcrapohcrap)

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He could have waited until I finished fixing my hero costume!

[Makoto, no matter what you do, it's still gonna look cheap.]

Why are we losing our side is the good non-loser side.
yes_im_kawaii: Makoto wibbling. (foiled again)

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The end of the world's not supposed to happen!
yes_im_kawaii: Makoto unsure. (squished)

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[She's back there with a fire extinguisher trying to put out the fire.]