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Daiki Kaitou ([personal profile] of_many_treasures) wrote in [community profile] dramadramaduck2015-02-17 09:32 pm

Drunk Pictures

I am certain we were drunk when we took these.

I have no proof however.

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I thought that was just normal.
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Maybe you left it here. I mean, if I found it, I would have taken a bunch of pictures. They'd all be of food, though. Or stuff I built. Or Nekotari.
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You're always between worlds. Do you even actually live anywhere?
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So you're like a hobo! Or you're actually a hobo. Wait, hobos work when they move around, right? What's the thing where you don't?
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But when you don't have a home and you move around but you don't fix people's fences and stuff, you just go around and have fun. That thing. What's that?
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[A few minutes later, he might notice a bunch more photos being sent to his phone. All of Nekotari climbing things, eating from its enetron dish, batting at curtains, and generally being a cat.]
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Jin built Nekotari when he was drunk after that party for American Thanksgiving gave him a body and he went around Akihabara afterwards. But I can totally build things!

[this is going to end up with Makoto trying to build some monstrosity to look cool, isn't it]
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I can build stuff too! I learn stuff. In science. Besides, you said I had to steal stuff to be a hero and I stole Commander Boring's tie, so I can do anything.
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Why would I do that? He's gonna complain, and it wouldn't even be useful.
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I guess... Okay! I'm gonna try that!

[And yet another ill-advised adventure occurs.]
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I've seen stranger.
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[video, in front of smoldering ruins]

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I was sober. You were the drunk one.

You've got an amazingly steady hand with the camera when drunk off your ass.