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[voice only]

So, Duck Busters, your resident genius and all-around best-dressed and, frankly, gorgeous...

Okay, that's conceited even for me.

So, you might be wondering why I'm posting via voice today instead of mugging in front of the camera. ...Okay, maybe Makoto is. Not sure on anyone else, but...

...I need help.

We've got a problem at home. Think I already mentioned how the enemy's stored a backup of his data in Hiromu, Red Buster, and the only way to destroy him is to kill Hiromu. Least as far as Hiromu's concerned, anyway, and I'm not sure if I should feel grateful or not that Enter's determined to keep him alive no matter what.

There's another option. One I don't really like.

[Have a photo from earlier pop up on your computers, ducks. Jin, standing in front of a set of red jenga blocks, one black one.]

We've been operating under the assumption that Enter's data inside Hiromu's, once removed, will cause the rest to fall apart, just like a jenga tower.

But the thing to keep in mind is that that's Enter's backup data. So it's my backup data too.

[Now, a second tower, of all black blocks appears]

That data's gonna want to go back to me, so instead of breaking Hiromu apart to get at it, we're just gonna draw it out.

And now we're at the problem. Put simply, I'm falling apart. My body's breaking down into data and scattering already. I forgot what my real legs felt like a long time ago, and I really don't have arms anymore either. In fact, things continue the way they are...I'm not gonna make it.

So my body's going to draw that data. But, like a jenga tower that's all out of whack...

[He lets the last photo answer everything. The black blocks scattered everywhere, as the extracted block hits the tower.]

So. There's really no point in trying to talk me out of this, since it's honestly the only thing we've got left to try. Either I die, or I let a 20-year-old kid with his whole future ahead of him bite it. Or the entire world ends--there's that possibility too.

Right now, I'm backing myself up--what's left of my data, at least--onto J's systems. I haven't told him, though, because there's no possible way I'm going to be able to have enough room or power to save all of myself. Best-case scenario? I'll be able to save my data, but just the act of manifesting my avatar is going to force a system reboot and wipe everything all over again.

And that's where I need you guys. I know I'm probably not the most beloved here, what with trolling Kaitou and doing stupid stuff all over the place and all the conceit and everything, but...if you can provide me with enough storage power across the community, I can build a permanent backup so that I don't die here. So that if my plan doesn't work, there's still a way I can help my team defeat Enter.

I'm not going to hold it against anyone who says no. Hell, I'm still kinda kicking myself for asking--I know just how cowardly I sound, trying to save my own skin because I'm so afraid of dying. But I'm not looking for eternal life or anything. I just want one last chance, so I can be sure everyone I love is safe and the sacrifice my friends already made isn't in vain.

So...thanks, everyone.
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This is unfair! Why do we have to do this plan, anyway? You don't deserve to die, either! You wanted to get back to your body!
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...You guys saved me by just taking me home and feeding me. It should always be that easy.
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I knooow. Real people aren't perfect because that's boring and all that other stuff I have to pretend I get because our enemies think it's stupid so they're stupid.

I still don't want you to die.

How many of those industrial hard drives are we gonna need?
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...It'll work, right?
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Yeah. But you're always a genius.
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...I was gonna go back and find whatever I wished to. And change my wish. I dunno if it'd work, and I don't want to die either. But I don't want you to, or anyone else.
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You mean, cheat the system even more than we've kind of already been doing?

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So how much yelling did J do?
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In case it doesn't work.

And what will I tell everyone when this cockamanie scheme doesn't?
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I am going to come over there and WATERBOARD you. That is the dumbest thing in the world to say.
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Well whoever said that is a complete moron.
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Yeah well, I'll let them know that's a moronic statement the next time I see them.
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Seriously, 35 years of Sentai and you'd think they'd have someone skilled enough to save your arse from being data in the wind. Did you even talk to Megaranger yet?

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