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Huh Again

Why are there swords on the EMC Roombas.

And why do I even care...?

Ryuji has already stubbed his toe on one of them. Fortunately it was blunt.
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[personal profile] yes_im_kawaii 2015-10-01 12:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Some new girl fights with plastic robots and I wanted to see if I could make the Roombas fight.
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Really? I just did it for fun. Wait, who are our enemies now?

Did they even make you yet? I looked it up the other day and most of the team are all web store exclusives, anyway, because they suck.
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Those guys I saw when we went to that satellite place look really tacky. Are they aliens?

Maybe if we do something really cool, they'll want to.
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Can we use fireworks again? Do we have some?
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Okay! I'm gonna borrow everything else I can find.

...Wait, what's our actual plan?
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They have a flag?
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I dunno. I just think we should beat these guys before anyone else gets in here.
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Would Commander Boring yell?
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...Okay! Let's steal them right now!
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Are we telling anyone?
yes_im_kawaii: Makoto giving a small smile. (maybe it's alright)

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I dunno if he's still mad at me. ...But I guess we can do it anyway. And if he gets mad, we can just go either way.
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Okay! This time we're definitely breaking in!
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[Time to derail this movie. How badly will this go?]
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[personal profile] boostup4beetbuster 2015-10-02 12:48 am (UTC)(link)
[Jin looks sadder than he should when there are roombas with swords. Somebody's still sad he had to give away his caveman to a Kiwi.]
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[personal profile] boostup4beetbuster 2015-10-02 01:32 am (UTC)(link)
I just...do you think that Kiwi guy and the museum director are taking care of him? He likes his burgers rare, like "violates several health department codes" rare.
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...Plus there's a big T-rex head outside and that's pretty awesome.
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It's just like the best place to put the entrance to a secret base. Or the best damn waterslide ever.
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Wonder if they'd let me borrow it.

I mean, normally I'd just "borrow" it, y'know, but I think even I'd have a hard time gluing that thing back together if a piece comes loose.
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That Shelby girl counts as asking, right? She works there.
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And I'm sure she'll say yes, so start work on that waterslide.
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Okay, so hook up that hose in the hangar. We're gonna make a tall one!