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Hayate Yagami ([personal profile] lil_tanuki) wrote in [community profile] dramadramaduck2015-10-14 11:31 pm

Stupid Stuff

So magic people.

How do you dismiss tentacles that keep popping up when you were a kid?

I mean, I keep summoning them whenever I need a hand. It's like instinct now.

No I don't mean for THAT.

I just yeah. It's kind of distracting when you're reaching for a pot and a dish at the same time, and you're summoning tentacles like you were 10 again.
yes_im_kawaii: It's not like Makoto likes you or anything. (tsun)

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Why would you not want more arms? You could do everything you wanted to at once.
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Then how come you want them to go away?
yes_im_kawaii: Sadly eating a meat bun. (the only thing i know)

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Weird. I'd want to use them to do all kinds of stuff. Like steal from the kitchen.
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Auu? So people stared?
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Maybe it's a learning-to-control-it thing, like off TV.
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hey hayate

there is a puffball eating a tentacle-looking thingy

probably not what you were thinking, but it works! right?]
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[Have a quizzical look, Hayate, as he swallows.

does he get Magic y/n?]
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[What a gyp!

Kirby doesn't notice, though. After he thinks of all the very questionable things he's eaten over his lifetime (doesn't take very long), he'll try to shrug without any shoulders.

Spoilers: it looks awkward.]
alldevouringabomination: Kirby is happy! (Yay!)

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[He nods!

His standards are markedly different, but the point still stands!]