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Delicacy 1


[The message was being recorded by a man in a bathrobe, with a glass of wine at his side.] What a wonderful day it is today, non? A certain je ne sais quoi as it were for the evening.

[He sipped his drink before continuing.] Now I know that you lovely people in this humble internet has all but discovered the wonder of the games. To which I reply, non! These uneducated ruffians who are plaguing our streets with their Invess Game has completely lost touch of the real battlefield.

But I, Oren Pierre Alfons, will in fact bring elegance and a masterpiece to the bloodsands! Ah yes, like the Roman Gladiators of old, the bloodthirsty people will have their due.

So please, watch upon my elegant transformation.


[Without even moving from his chair, legs folded, he plugged the Lock Seed into his belt, and transformed.] DURIAN ARMS! MR DANGEROUS!

Ah yes, the battlefield will be joined, as I make certain these scoundrels are properly chastized in the art of war. Until then, adieu!

[Leaning over, he tried to flick off the camera, and scowled before de-transforming from Bravo into Oren.] Por que? Why on earth isn't this not working?
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I don't get it.
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Auu! I don't have a bedtime, I'm an adult! Besides, it's not even entertaining. All you're doing is going all "I don't like games because games are fun and battles are supposed to be like war, which no one likes, except maybe Kaitou sometimes because he started one because he got bored, and also my armour is a durian, which is a dumb fruit because it smells like the gas station."
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So people are fighting for fun and you think that's bad so you want them to not do that, and that's why you became the gas station fruit.
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I'm not a border child! I've never even been out of the country! Probably. Unless other worlds count, and I say they don't!

Uh... so you just want all the people playing this game you don't like to be good at it.
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Auu. You should have said that to start with. What's so serious about this game?
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Chimps and monkeys are different things!
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Lots! I'm an adult! Who knows science!
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I made a chicken cannon. It was great. It broke someone's window.
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Auu! It was useful! What would you design instead?
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If you have enemies, you have to test ideas of what could hurt them. Same with the people you were going on about hating.
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See. Though I dunno if people you want to stop having fun would be weak to chicken. Even if it breaks windows.
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So you want to fight them?
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Auu. Lots of things are complicated. But that's why you got your fruit armour, right?
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Uh... okay. And now you fight people with it, right? That's usually what people do looking like that. You look like a Rider.
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So you went to school for this?

Is that the same thing?
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So you're like the army or something... so you look like a Rider and fight like a Rider and you transform and start fights over ideals and all the stuff they do, but you're not one.
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I don't get it either. I guess that's why you said it was complicated.