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So I've got the local qualifiers coming up and... I don't know if I can pass them?

My team is solid, but I feel like my Gunpla has been lacking.

I'm trying to find inspiration somewhere, but it's been so hard lately.

Anyone have any ideas of what I can do? I'm using a Unicorn Gundam as a basis but I dunno...
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Put something cute on it.
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It's what I would do. It would look cute but also super tough and be able to punch things.
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Uhh... Fireworks. Obviously. That would be cool.
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Then how about one that has a really strong shield, so it's hard to hurt it, instead?
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What's that do? Gunpla battles have too many things.
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So you have to make sure nobody hits you no matter what they use!
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What if you were really, really fast?
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Why does being good at one thing always have to mean you suck at something else?
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Sure! As long as you don't break something and blame it on me or Nekotari. Otherwise, it'll be fun.
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Okay! I'll sneak you past anyone who might get mad.
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No, just sometimes they go all "hey, stop messing with things!"