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Sawatari Makoto ([personal profile] yes_im_kawaii) wrote in [community profile] dramadramaduck2015-11-12 08:51 pm
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Look what I made!

[The video flickers on to Makoto lifting a bronze-painted... is that a NERF sniper rifle? Clearly it used to be, although aside from the paint job, some lumpy welding spots and a cobbled-on tactical rail with a laser pointer mounted on also indicate that Makoto's been doing some work.]

I got really bored because we don't have anything to fight and school is dumb, so I started trying to figure out what all I could make with some stuff from the store. You all get to see how far this thing can shoot! Check it out!

[She moves the camera so that it shows that she's set a target up all the way at the other end of the hangar, past the Buster Machines. Makoto steps forward, raises up the rifle, looks through the scope with her makeshift laser aiming attachment turned on, and fires.

...and immediately whacks herself in the face with the gun.]

Ow ow ow! Auuuuu! That's not supposed to happen, just... This is testing! Don't make fun of me!

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