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Winter Is Coming

Winter was delayed here in Equestria but now it's on. I think we're in for a long weather cycle this time because of the scheduling delay.

Speaking of which, I heard you people don't have pegasi running the weather. I have to admit that's pretty wild. What's it like being in a perpetual Everfree? Tell me everything.
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Forgive me for commenting on an old message, but you asked a good question and I was in need of conversation.

It is true, nobody is operating the weather. Nobody in the present has entertained the thought either, save for the occasional madman who thought himself God. In religion and the distant past, mankind has been known to preform rituals in hopes that whatever god they worship will bring them desirable weather, but these days we know the best thing we can do is to predict what the weather will be like in the near future.

As for the weather itself, it depends somewhat on location. Here in England, we get a lot of rain, plenty of clouds, and a very slight chance of snowfall in the winter.

Any further questions?
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Happy to help!