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There is always someone worse off [Video]

[A giant ball of snow is seen hurtling towards what looks like a humongous lobster made of snow. A claw gets blown off by the snowball, but the snowkaju lobster is nonplussed as it swipes its remaining claw at its attacker; one certain pink puff.

To his credit, Kirby isn't injured or even tired, but he is rather miffed. So much for relative peace and quiet, hmm? He leaps away from the claw and sucks up another ball of snow to spit out.

This one lands right on the head of the lobster, and it tumbles backwards. It loses it balance and falls, and with a loud PAF it disintegrates when it hits the ground - it is made of snow, after all.

Kirby exhales sharply. He looks at the big snowpile that used to be the lobster. With any luck, it won't reform. since when were Ducks lucky?]
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This virus sucks.