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Kendrix Morgan ([personal profile] powerofpink) wrote in [community profile] dramadramaduck2016-01-04 09:41 pm

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[Kendrix is tossing a soccer ball in the air. And looking rather confused about it. There's also a couple of beat-up artifacts on her desk that look like a staff head and a bracelet.]

I decided to head to Helheim to try to spray the repellent. Found all of these. Also had a really hard time getting through to there, since every time I tried to bring it up on my worldhop, I kept getting soccer matches? Weird.

Anyway, I managed to completely disinfect all of this stuff, so there's no fear of it spreading the Helheim fruits. I'm going to hold onto the artifacts for now, since we should try to protect what's left of their civilization after we get rid of all of the plants. But I can definitely tell you this soccer ball shouldn't be there.

Anyone want one?

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