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Incoming War 2016

You guessed it by the title. We've got another cockup incoming. I skipped the last one since it didn't really go that crazy but eh.

I'll keep the community updated in case it boils over dimensions AGAIN.
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What'd you do this time and are we gonna have to hit you again?
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Why do you even HAVE annual wars?
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Shouldn't we just make our own destiny? That's what I did.
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You're just chicken.
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You have everything. Because you stole it. So?
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Decide whether it's your fault or not!
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It better not. You're really dumb most of the time.
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The awesome and useful chicken cannon. And you know what else I built? A hand! Everybody needs one of those!

[She holds up a jointed hand made of straws, clay, rubber bands, and some kind of mechanical panel. It starts to flex on its own.]

I mean, what if you lose a hand?
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You should be. Even Nekotari would make a better Rider than you.
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The BEST cat. Don't forget that!
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Y'know, I swear some of you guys outright quit over all this bullshit. Like, anyone see OOO lately? He used to show up every year. Now it's like "Oh, Hongo's doing some kind of bullshit again? I'm going on vacation." Actually, that probably explains why Kuuga Prime's always so hard to get hold of.

Any chance we can just throw Delenn at 'em? 'Cause she's damn terrifying enough that I think Mr. Dangerous is ALMOST attracted to her.
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Gen? Space Derpbaby? The one who'd be right at home with Koda and the others?

Hongo needs to be stopped at all costs. We need Delenn.
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Two went on permanent vacations, and one just outright quit. These are some of the nicest guys the Riders have.

Does Hongo SEE what he's doing? Or does he think that Half-Boiled and Tsukasa are being serious about the way they've been acting around him?
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I saw that. I guarantee you there was never any missing turtle. Half-Boiled just always wanted to mess with Terui that way and decided to take it out on Banana Head Fart Man.
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Yeah, but I've got to admit I'm proud. He's done good.