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A question born of curiosity and the moment: At what point is it appropriate to tell your fiance, "I told you so"? Before, or after you retrieve him from floating in space after he did exactly what you told him you knew he'd do?
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Oooh that's a hard one. And I'm guessing this isn't metaphorically...
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I'd imagine so. I guess a afterward of I Told You So works then.
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Sounds like it. You two have quite the relationship.
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I'd imagine so.

Everything okay on your end now I take it? Nothing crazy since this incident?
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Oof. Wait, his homeworld is earth right?
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It sounds horrible. The worlds damaged like that.
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That's the hardest part I think. There's so much to do after all in rebuilding.
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It's a way to look up to the future I think. If you do that often.
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Kind of sounds like he would tell everyone to get their shit together. But you know, more politely.
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I would be surprised if it didn't.
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That sort of sounds incredibly specific.
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I'm sorry to hear that. I suppose a lot of our lives are complicated, so I shouldn't ask.
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I'm glad. But unfinished business? Is that the sort I'm used to, with leftover monsters after their makers have given up and left?
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No wonder you were worried. I'm sorry. I'm not sure what to do in that kind of case.
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You're afraid something more is going to happen?
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That does sound hard to deal with. I'm sorry.