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So, I'm holed up somewhere while we de-puree my partner-in-crime's brain. Thanks again, Yayoi, for the help. M'gann really needs it, and it gives us both a break once in a while.

Going by the community's calendar, it's almost Valentine's Day. It passed a while ago for me, and I'm really hoping that I don't have to spend the next one away from my valentine.

What about you guys? Plans? Or are you just going to treat yourself to the chocolate?
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Hearts and Hooves Day already? I've always gotten chocolate from the neighboring mares but I've never really thought about it.

Which is weird.
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... Well... okay I guess I'm a little like that but despite it all, I'm always studying.
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Mmm yeah. I can't relate but my sister is head over heels in love with Prince Bolero. I guess it's mutual because they've been dating for a long time now. Bolero used to be my foalsitter.
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I'd be surprised if my sister doesn't get married with Bolero. I took a lot of time setting them up as a foal.

Hmm, yeah, that's rough.
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Lian? Another friend of theirs? Or something else.
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Oh! Okay, that explains something. Sorry, I'm not good with the cues.
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Yeah, I guess that's a good point.
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That's quite the complicated mess. I'd imagine that their family needs some issues to work through.
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Sounds messy. Ugh.
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Goodness, you make it sound like one can reverse a messy death! Please, let me know if your friend survives the ordeal.

As for Valentine's, I've already sent out cards to a few of my admirers. Not the cheap kind, mind you. These sorts of friends I have deserve only the best. I'm also looking forward to a garden party being hosted by another good friend of mine.

How romantic and ironic it will be! To spend Valentine's Day in a garden of flowers! I can hardly wait.
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Re: [handwritten]

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Oh, what happened to him? Did he witness something he shouldn't have?

I plan to enjoy myself, at least.
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Re: [handwritten]

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The man becoming the mask, as it were? I hope he makes a swift recovery, if he even recovers at all. I honestly doubt he will ever be the same after something like that.
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Re: [handwritten]

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Interesting... Well, I wish you the best.
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I'm gonna make a bunch of chocolate and give it all to ME.
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Just get to it before he does, then!
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Make him look somewhere else? I dunno.
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You mean you can't even hide it?
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Auu. That sounds too complicated. Your friends are always doing that stuff.
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What would that guy do?