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What Year Is It?

It is 2016.

When did this happen?


[Drinks Enetron. Time to get some shenanigans up in this house.]
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Seven months ago. Were you drunk again?
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Not really. It's been kind of boring with no one to fight.
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Probably a bunch of boring guys. We already just had a silly season.
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I only read the movie section. They had curry coupons.
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I got some. Nekotari knocked a bunch of pepper flakes off the table into one of the bowls, though.
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Okay. We need more stuff to do, though. Maybe we should fight normal crime. Like bank robbers.
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That might be fun. But we can find crimes and stop them! Just like before, with fewer monsters!
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So it's a great idea! I bet we don't even have to run it by Commander Boring.
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He doesn't even need to be out of the building. Something will probably distract him anyway and he'll be all "What are you doing, why is this thing on the wall crooked?"
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That sounds like a great idea!

[Nekotari knocks a stack of books off a table in the background.]