06 August 2011 @ 02:37 pm
[video] Calling the Fashion Police  
We're having a picnic tomorrow. It's a really big day in general. I'm too excited to talk about it, but I can't decide what to wear.

[He holds up two outfits. hiding hideous clothes )]

Which do you think I should wear?

[OOC: All of his clothes are that crazy.]
24 July 2011 @ 09:24 am
Is this a new website? I bet one of the maids was using my phone to get on the Internet. Don't we have access in the servant's quarters? Do they have to go through my things? It isn't like I care about most of it, but phones are kind of personal. Next thing you know one of them will take my motorcycle on a joyride. And wreck it.

I'll have to ask mother to get them to stop. They don't listen to me much anyway.

None of you probably care about all that, do you?

So let me ask something, then. What kind of name is Drama Drama Duck? Does anyone know how to set up video or voice-posting? This phone is way too small to keep typing. I'm all thumbs!

It's raining again today--has been all week off and on--so I'm here, in my room playing with my phone. It's not like I'm waiting for a call or invitation from anyone is particular is it? No, it's not. Does anyone else live in Paris?

I'm Albert. First names only are okay here, right? Maybe I should get some nickname.