30 September 2009 @ 05:20 pm
video post  
[You are to pretend that in this post all of Alfred's icons look like this. And it is seriously next to impossible to guess that Alexia = Alfred. Okay? Okay.]

[In any case, 'Alexia' is sat a little away from the camera, and mostly 'her' brb dispensing with quotations face is hidden in shadow. And she has a painfully posh voice.

What is this foolish community that my brother has stumbled across? It serves no purpose that I can see, although Alfred did get rather excited about this 'worldhopping' business. I am afraid it made little sense to me though.

So might one of you be so good as to explain the concept at all? I do think it'd rather go over Alred's head.

[[my fail attempt at getting alfrexia out, aaaaaaaah. OH GOD AND I'M GONNA HAVE TO REPLY LATER BECAUSE I'M GOING OUT FFFF]]
22 July 2009 @ 11:09 pm
This is utterly ridiculous. I haven’t any time to waste on some pathetic little community, as I actually have work that must be finished (unlike most of you idiotic peasants, no doubt). Yet I find myself unable to leave this page, which is really most inconvenient. I absolutely must get this done or Alexia will be beside herself, and I certainly cannot have that now.

Now then, would one of you kindly assist me, so that I may be on my way, and leave you plebs to entertain yourselves doing whatever it is you waste your silly little lives with.