11 December 2011 @ 09:04 am
[the video opens to show a darkened living room-- there's a TV blaring an Indiana Jones movie, and across from it is a couch on which two girls are curled]

[these girls, as it happens, are [livejournal.com profile] emberandash and [livejournal.com profile] gh0st_girl-- they're snuggled up against each other, and Azula (who looks like she's half asleep) has an arm draped around Aradia (who's wide awake and watching the movie intently)]

[Aradia lifts her head from Azula's shoulder (as much as she can, anyway; Azula's head is resting on her's) and gently prod her awake]

This is my favourite part! Look at how he wields that whip!
01 December 2011 @ 07:33 pm
sorry if i worried everyone
im just fine!

you can pretend i didnt write all those cute messages to everyone if it makes you feel better
or not
im happy either way

thats right
im happy!
30 November 2011 @ 07:17 pm
0h dear an0ther can0n m0ve  
i guess i sh0uld say s0mething bef0re i g0
0r actually a l0t 0f s0methings

this is pretty hard f0r me
but i have t0 d0 my best i supp0se

y0u were the best matesprit any0ne c0uld ask f0r
please d0nt give in t0 all 0f y0ur selfhatred stuff with0ut me ar0und
y0u d0nt deserve all the bad luck thats happened t0 y0u and i h0pe y0u can find happiness
maybe its n0t that far away i d0nt kn0w
im s0rry that i havent been there f0r y0u as much as i wanted t0 be

st0p thinking y0ure a bad m0irail!
maybe y0u can be a g00d 0ne t0 s0me0ne else
im s0rry if y0ure mad at me right n0w
maybe i deserve it
maybe i didnt w0rk hard en0ugh t0 prevent this
s0 im really s0rry if y0u hate me n0w

im glad i c0uld help y0u a little even if i wasnt very g00d at it
y0u w0nt be al0ne f0rever
i figure were still y0ung and y0u being a sea dwelling tr0ll and all y0u have l0ts 0f time t0 find happiness!
d0nt f0rget y0ur pr0mise
if y0u mess up i will haunt y0u 0r s0mething s0 just d0nt d0 it n0 matter h0w sad y0u are!!!

were 0kay n0w

y0u were always 0ne 0f my fav0urite tr0lls
i miss what we had as team charge
im s0rry that i was a bad friend t0 y0u during the game and scared y0u and all when i attacked vriska


every0ne else

[And for those in the Veil, Aradia just blew up]
17 October 2011 @ 07:39 pm
All twelve young trolls stand on a platform facing a huge, black monstrosity. With a lot of tentacles.

Wait. Twelve? Actually there are hundreds of them. Hundreds of Aradias are gathered in the black, starry sky.

Tentacles slash everywhere, delivering humiliating drubbings and sly gropes that are probably not entirely worksafe. Aradias explode one by one, darting in to take blows that would have killed her friends, but there are still dozens more. Sollux and all the Aradias distract the monster with telekinetic blows while the others aggress with their own weapons.

Other than Gamzee. He's not really doing much.

Vriska rolls perfect 8s, and the monster only shrugs off the most powerful blow she can muster. All seems lost.

Suddenly Gamzee seems to awaken to what's going on. He pulls out a weapon and delivers a blow that leaves all of the others completely stunned, and instantly slays the enormous beast.

Shocked and elated by their unexpected victory, the twelve troll children gather on the platform in front of a huge door. [[As in the latter part of this video]] Karkat reaches for the doorknob, intending to take his prize, but suddenly a green glow erupts from the middle of the platform. The door is cleft in two by a huge sword as another monster, with one arm and black wings and a snarling, doglike snout, appears and attacks them.

One of the Aradias dives forward, telekinesis gathering all of her friends close, onto a platform in the middle of the floor. As the doglike monster attacks, all twelve trolls teleport away, leaving the beast to snarl impotently and take out its fury on the remaining Aradiabots, all of which are destroyed in an instant.

The monster then flies to a nearby golden planet, with a moon tethered to it by a huge golden chain, and destroys the entire planet with a single blow.

[OOC: Holy shit, canon move. All the trolls are now in the Veil. Some of them may make posts of their own, but all of them are also welcome to threadhop and reply to anyone replying in this post. Where doing this! Where making this hapen!]
21 June 2011 @ 07:24 am
[Video] > Aradia: Make Her Pay  
This video opens on an almost idyllic scene. Vriska and Tavros are flying through the air over a forested world of temples on islands linked by bridges. Vriska is wearing a pair of rocket boots and Tavros is flying in a rocket chair. The two young trolls are twisting and corkscrewing through the air, racing each other and laughing with delight.

Vriska dives towards a bridge and flips over in mid-air to go feet-first, slamming one foot into the chest of an imp. It dies instantly, turning into a pile of what look almost like delicious Fruit Gushers. Vriska collects them, and then looks up in surprise as Aradia appears in the air.

Aradia is flying, too, using only her telekinetic powers. She dives forward and kicks Vriska in the face. Blue blood spatters everywhere.

The robot seems maddened, enraged. She grabs Vriska by the collar and punches her again, breaking her glasses. Then she tosses Vriska through the air with her telekinesis. Vriska crashes into a stone building, and rocks fly everywhere from the force of the impact. Then she's lifted high and crashed downwards into a bridge, destroying it as well.

Aradia lifts her enemy high one last time, power crackling around her. Vriska is covered in blood, unconscious or dead, and Aradia is spattered with it, too.

Then Aradia sees Tavros, looking on in horror and fear. She smiles at him, calming, and drops Vriska to the ground. Vriska lands like a broken ragdoll, and Aradia spreads her hands. Her time-tables appear and then she vanishes, and Tavros is left alone with Vriska, who can just barely be seen to be still breathing.

[OOC: The flash animation that covers this is here and I highly recommend watching it to get the full impact of what Aradia just did! The first third is flashback about how Terezi was blinded, and the second third is just general stuff about what the troll kids are doing about now in the story, so you can ignore those bits for this canon update. It's a beautiful flash, not very long, and well worth watching]
15 June 2011 @ 10:40 am
>Aradia: Confess  
s0metimes i w0rry that pe0ple will realize h0w much im faking it
i d0nt want them t0 think im creepy 0r that i d0nt care
but it strains my circuits s0metimes
i cant remember what its like t0 be really happy but i wish i c0uld
angry i can remember th0ugh
i wish equius w0uld understand
i think if i were alive it w0uld really hurt

there is 0ne 0ther feeling that just w0nt g0 away
i still want t0 kill vriska s0 much
i h0pe azula will f0rgive me
15 April 2011 @ 08:32 am
[Video Post] > Aradia: Accept present from Equius  
From your point of view, the community is quite interested in Aradia lately, though from her subjective, non-linear viewpoint, given the big ball of timey-wimey stuff... anyway, my point is, more time has passed for her than for you.

The video depicts the Land of Quartz and Melody once more. A very large and muscular troll falls from the gate high above to land next to Aradiasprite outside her hive, which has been reconstructed by her server player.

The new troll, Equius, produces a robot. It has been designed to look like Aradia in life. He is sweating profusely. Aradiasprite speaks briefly with Equius, approving of the design of the robot, and he asks her for a towel.

Instead of granting his request, Aradiasprite merges with the robot, producing another flash of light. Aradia is now a robot! She flexes her fingers and smiles, testing her new body.

At first she is pleased. Equius compliments her new form, then asks her if she feels any different.

EQUIUS: D --> Can you detect anything within you might describe as
EQUIUS: D --> Smoldering passion
EQUIUS: D --> I mean
EQUIUS: D --> Just out of curiosity

ARADIABOT: what is that

EQUIUS: D --> What's what
ARADIABOT: this feeling

She picks him up with her telekinetic powers, and Equius squirms like a trapped insectoid.

ARADIABOT: did y0u pr0gram this r0b0t t0 have feelings f0r y0u?

EQUIUS: D --> Hrrrk
EQUIUS: D --> Yes
EQUIUS: D --> Uh
EQUIUS: D --> It's a chip in your heart
EQUIUS: D --> Is that not ok

ARADIABOT: get it 0ut
EQUIUS: D --> Urrk
EQUIUS: D --> I guess I can
EQUIUS: D --> Uninstall it if you would just

EQUIUS: D --> Sorry
EQUIUS: D --> I'll
EQUIUS: D --> Hrrrrrrk


Aradia rips her heart out of her own chest with her bare hands. Equius has given her blue blood, and it spatters everywhere as she crushes the heart while Equius looks on in impotent horror.

Aradia then falls on Equius, giving that asshole the bitchslapping of his life. Wow is she ever pissed off.

And then, she kisses him.
14 April 2011 @ 07:33 am
[Video post] > Aradia: Enter Session  
Everything is now arranged as the spirits of the dead advised, urged, demanded. You see the remains of Aradia's hive, destroyed in an explosion some time before. Though it has been a matter of weeks to you, the hive is overgrown with weeds and there is no sign of the remains of Aradia's lusus. It has been devoured by wild animals.

You also see a large stone object that looks like a frog's head, a laptop, and a weird blinking spirograph thing. There is no sign of Aradia. Or anyone else living, for that matter. Meteors streak by overhead.

> Aradia: Tier 1 prototype

The statue rises up in the air and merges with the spirograph. There is a flash of light, and the spirograph reshapes itself into a frog-like form.

> Aradia: Enter the Medium

A meteor streaks directly towards the hive. But long before it impacts, the video fuzzes for a moment. Now the hive is located as an island in the Land of Quartz and Melody. The frog sprite floats in mid-air, apparently talking to itself.

> Aradia: Tier 2 prototype

There is another flash of light as something unseen merges with the frog.

Aradia becomes visible for the first time since the video began. But she has changed.

02 April 2011 @ 04:06 pm
[Locked to the Trolls] >Aradia: Chew Out Your Friends  
i d0nt even kn0w what it is that is g0ing 0n yet
but i kn0w if he d0esnt play that game it will be very bad
i als0 kn0w y0u future tr0lls kn0w this already
s0 y0u all need t0 calm d0wn
and leave the j0hn human al0ne
and st0p making idi0tic assumpti0ns ab0ut humans
at least l0ng en0ugh t0 n0t cause j0hn human t0 fuck everything up

s0 d0 we have an agreement?
28 March 2011 @ 02:04 pm
[Accidental Video Post] >Vriska: Make her pay  
[The video opens with a close up shot of a young troll girl, typing on her laptop. She is frowning and looks irritated as she types short replies to whomever she's talking to, and her frown continues to deepen.

Suddenly she gets up from her desk and hurries to the window, a look of hope and confusion on her face. As she looks, the camera zooms past her to reveal a glowing figure hanging in the air outside her window.

A familiar figure, to her at least.

Aradia runs outside and looks up at him, smiling with surprised pleasure.]

Sollux?? What are you doing he--

[Sollux removes his glasses and his eyes glow bright. Aradia looks up at him with dawning horror.

A terrible explosion ends the feed in a burst of static.]

[OOC: Aradia's and Sollux' replies will come after a couple of hours]
27 March 2011 @ 09:27 am
omg not a virus post but a canon move  
im s0 mad!

i kn0w terezi is right and she will find a way t0 get me back whatever i d0 t0 her
but i cant just ign0re this
i cant just pretend that its 0kay what she did t0 tavr0s

she has t0 learn that if shes g0ing t0 d0 h0rrible things t0 pe0ple wh0 d0nt deserve them
that s0meh0w s0meway it will c0me back t0 bite her in the seedflap

im the 0nly 0ne wh0 can teach her what it feels like t0 be 0ne 0f her victims
maybe if she understands h0w it feels
shell st0p being such a huge bitch!

im s0rry c0mmunity i kn0w im rambling
im g0ing t0 d0 this thing right n0w
ive g0t t0 make her pay
i just h0pe it w0rks

this just really sucks
im g0ing t0 miss flarping with the f0ur 0f us t0gether
16 March 2011 @ 02:46 pm
DDD, you are now officially trolled  
s0llux have y0u been fiddling with my c0mputer again?

i think s0mething went wr0ng and im h0ping y0u can see this message because i cant even get my tr0llian client w0rking

if y0u cant see it...

d0es any0ne here kn0w anything ab0ut c0mputer viruses?