10 April 2009 @ 07:59 pm

Community, I have found myself to be bored again. And that's never good.

So settle my curiosities~

Do you believe in magic?
20 March 2009 @ 08:32 pm
I've been thinking about an idea for a while. But that idea will only work if I know my audience. Trouble is, I dunno if I know my audience.

Audience! That means all of you around here! Yes, all of you.

I need your opinon on dragons. Dragons, those huge (typically scaly) creatures with wings and claws. Optoinally, they can breathe fire or ice. I'll need your opinion on them! Love 'em? Hate 'em? Wish they would stop taking up so much air space and give you some room to fly? Last one may just be me, but it's an option anyway.

Reasons would be appreciated too~
14 January 2009 @ 07:56 pm
If you had a choice would you rather fight a dragon, a giant slimey spider, or a parrot that turned into a demon? But the parrot can control other people, so it could possess your best friend or something in the middle of the fight.

And if you don't feel like answering that question, I have another.

What's the best solution for boredom?
31 December 2008 @ 02:58 pm
[post-dated to new year's / voice post]  
O-Okay! This is an... annn... what's the word? Announcement! Yeah... that sounds right. An-anyway! I, Arche Klaine, just just wanted you... people. On this computer. To... to know that I have finally come to... appreciate! Yes. Appreciate. That's the wrd. Appreciate the holidays your world has. ... This is for you... you people on Earth. Other worlds... need further exami-mami-examini... examination. Yes.

A-arche! Should you really be using this thing while you're... er... drunk?

Kaitoooo~ Umm... maybe a bit. Not as bad as before, though.... although I can't remember before.

Are you talking about the before where you nearly ran out in front of a bus...?

Oh.... Ooops~ Was that... was that what happened? Um.... Uh.... I dunno.

[a laugh] C'mon, Arche, I bet Hattori would let you sleep... er, somewhere tonight, since you can't go back to Aselia like THAT...

And why NOT? No fai-faith in me, Kaito.

Ah, but I have nothing but faith in you Arche! I just... don't want you to hurt yourself... plus I'd feel better if I was there making sure you didn't pass out from alcohol poisoning soooo...

I didn't have thaaaaaaat much to drink, Kaito Kaito. Hehe, let me have some fun.

You can have fun. Tomorrow. When you're not... completely wasted...

Not completely. Par... partially. Now... let me finish my... an-announcement...ent.

... fine. Go on, and then you're going home. Yeesh, girls...

M'kaaay~ Now before I was sooooo RUDELY interrupted. ... Th-that is all. Happy new yeeaaarrr~

H-happy new year guys! Arche, where are you going?! C-come back! Don't wander off like that! You don't know Osaka! Granted, I don't know Osaka either, but at least I'm sober!

[OOC: Arche got drunk a short while after Kid's heist. This is about a few minutes into the new year, but post-dated for convenience since I imagine people will be busy later. :3
And regular text = Arche, italics = Kaito.]