22 February 2013 @ 04:11 pm
video - So what happened to the village idiot?  
[Anyone who knows even a little bit about the Táin Bó Cuailnge saga might know what happened to Cú Chulainn when he found the boy-troop training at Emain Macha slaughtered. He takes on a horrifying ríastrad type form, more commonly known as 'warp spasm'...and like the Hulk, he becomes a giant, hideous, rage beast. Emphasis on the hideous.

This time there's no one to send an army of bare chested women at him or to dunk him in barrels of cold water (which his rage would turn into boiling water). Nope, this time he had to self sooth.

Which brings us to the ridiculous state that he's in right now.

His body is half in/half out of a shallow creek in some kind of wooded area...or it might have been a wooded area once upon a time ago. Right now it looks like a giant came galumphing through and pulled up most of the surrounding tress by their roots as if they were nothing more than weeds. The surrounding vegetation had seen its fair share of better days as well.

Of course tearing up the forest isn't the only method for self soothing that he's tried, just take a gander at the barrels, the bottle, the jars, and beakers lying around and try not to think too hard about where all of that substance is right now. London will be awakening shortly to an alcohol ransack, but that's okay because Cú Chulainn is safely out of the city.

In fact, he's just plain out, which is why he's covered in muck, his face is planted in the grass, and a small family of hedgehogs are attempting nest in his hair for the day. Weather he finally managed to wear himself out or if he really was able to consume enough toxins, it might be a mystery as to how he finally managed to calm down.]
11 February 2013 @ 09:03 pm
*Auron's way to connect with the community has decided to record things on its own. He has a naturally low voice that has a rasp in it. It normally sounds very calm. Now it's raised in uncertainty.* Jecht? Where are you?

*He repeats more of the same as wanders all over Kefka's tower. He stops after a while and looks down into his book. His shades and high collar hide his expression.*

He's not here anymore. Jecht's gone off to the Farplane. Tidus, please let me know if you're still around too.
13 November 2012 @ 05:04 pm
*Auron is sitting up in a bed and looking over his magic book, his connection to the community. No longer brainwashed and in the Underworld, he seems much calmer. Although given he's broadcasting from Kefka's tower, it's anyone's guess if it's any safer.*

So. Anyone out there ever been forced to leave their homes, knowing you can never go back? Were you successful in making a new home wherever you found yourself?

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14 October 2012 @ 05:30 pm
Canon update -- Video  
*The video is kind of blurred, probably because Auron is running while he's talking.*

Roxas? That way out of here sounds like a good...

*The book, his connection to the community, flies out of his hands. An ominous voice is heard saying.* Well THERE you are! I've been looking everywhere for you!

*The connection goes dead. It revives some time later with Auron being less than pleasant to people he already knew. Well, if the Lord of the Dead sucked your will right from you and turned you into a puppet to kill someone, you'd be less than yourself, wouldn't you?

Auron has set his book aside to warm up for his big match. There's just something...wrong with the look in his single eye.* ...and when I kill him and anyone who interferes, Lord Hades will set me free.

((OOC: Relevant stuff up from start to 5:20 in the video))
13 August 2012 @ 10:19 pm
Canon update -- Video  
((OOC: The actual video of his canon update is here up until 3:46))

*Remember that one guy that all you could hear was a low voice and you knew he was in prison? Looks like the jailor finally decided to let him out. Auron decides to not agree with the terms of deal and tries to fight his way out. He's saved by a guy with a shield, a duck and a kid with a keyblade who burst in unexpectedly. In turn, Auron has to save the impetuous keyblade user and they all run like hell out of Hades' palace, fighting Heartless to escape.

After they reach a safe spot, they collapse, exchange names and decide to try to get out of this place. All anyone can tell now is the man in prison is named Auron and he can fight with one arm tucked in his coat.

After a bit of a rest, Auron looks at the book, which had been open and recording everything. He peers into it.*

So this must be Hades' book. Ducks, hunh? You'd think they'd be on fire to fit his theme.
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23 July 2012 @ 09:24 pm
[Video, but mostly audio]  
*It's hard to tell what's being shown as the video portion keeps moving all over the place. Perhaps they don't know it's on. There's a scream from somewhere.*


*Two other people holding the video scream back in fright and the video changes to falling headlong into a swirling vortex of green. The video goes in a sickening circle as it spirals down, down, down. After some time, it stops as the book (for that's what this object is) hits the ground. The light fades to something distant, as though looking up from the bottom of a ravine.

Something drags something heavy. There's just a brief glimpse of a hand trying to reach and a heavy manacle around a wrist before the hand is yanked back. The sound of a chain slithers against a wall. Silence for a while.*

At least...at least it's something to look at. Whatever it is. *It's an old, tired voice. Whoever it is can't seem to get any closer.*