05 July 2012 @ 06:05 pm
I understand that there are people from all sorts of different times and places on this network. There's a festival coming up here in Japan, Tanabata. I was just curious what kinds of holidays and festivals all of you celebrate.
23 May 2012 @ 11:57 pm
accidental video;  
[ When the recording starts, it only shows a ceiling. Definitely old, perhaps a church. The way the voices that can be heard are echoing also seems reminiscent of how voices tend to carry in a building like a church. ]

Where are we? [ A young woman's voice. From the sounds of it, late teens, early twenties. She's trying her best to sound calm, but there's still a strain in her voice. ]

It doesn't matter. [ Despite the man speaking being younger than the woman, his voice doesn't really show that. Flat intonation, almost too calm. ] It's just for some time.

... Is this... another one of those viruses?

No. This is less cruel. [ The sounds of steps, then his voice is louder. He's come closer. ] You remember?

Then... you've brought me here? [ There's a long stretch of silence. As he approaches, the feed shakes as she tries hastily to shove whatever is recording behind her. And then, when she speaks again, it's cautiously. ] Remember? You mean... that virus? ... At the beach?

Yes. That lie. [ He can be heard coming closer still. ] Who are you calling? [ Not bothering to wait for an answer, the feed shakes once more, showing first a glimpse of the girl, then a man with white hair and an eyepatch, scars all over his face. His single golden eye is trained on whatever device is recording and he raises a knife, brings it down. The feed ends as the phone is stabbed. The girl screams, but it is cut short. ]

[[ ooc note: There is already a rescue plot in the works, but feel free to comment to the post and reply to each other! Aya-chan and Farfarello won't respond, because Farfarello just stabbed the phone. ]]