02 October 2011 @ 09:28 pm
At night they come without being fetched,
And by day they are lost without being stolen.
What are they?
25 August 2011 @ 06:38 pm
game 002 ( daydream )  
[ The garden that Beato finds herself in is full of golden roses--butterflies fluttering around the garden almost playfully so as she runs quickly.

Her pace quickens with each passing second, an unusually serene expression on her face;

And suddenly, she stop upon seeing a man's back. He turns towards her, his arms opening for her--

And she runs into them, the golden butterflies fluttering to surround the two.

But, suddenly, the things around her begin to fade away--the magical garden gone, and Beato left alone in darkness. Clenching her fists, her eyes grow ice cold. ]
20 August 2011 @ 03:39 pm
first game. ( intro ) text.  
Beatrice was here.

Battler is a loser.
02 July 2011 @ 02:00 pm
[BEATRICE IS ON YOUR SCREEN AGAIN. Sitting at the same table. Smoking the same pipe. Looking about the same as usual.]

Surely I cannot be the only soul on this nexus who actually derives entertainment from these strange occurrences known as viruses. I have only been witness to one, but it alone provided enough entertainment so that I will certainly not be bored for many years to come!

The outrage, the cries for help, the confusion...! [Here, her expression contorts into something sinister as she tilts her head back and lets out a shrill cackle]

Kyahahahahaha! Aaaaah, this is why I will never tire of living for one thousand years! There is always so much to find! I must wonder if this 'community,' as you call it, was created specifically to entertain higher beings such as myself!

[Her ungraceful cackle finished, she leans forward again, tapping her pipe against her book as she smiles at the community]

Hmm... I am still a newcomer, however. A single virus was amusing, but there must be tales of others, riiiiiight?

Tell me, for those of you who also find the theatrics of this community entertaining...

Which one was your favorite?
16 June 2011 @ 06:42 pm
Hoh... how fascinating.

[There is a strange blonde woman smiling in a seemingly serene manner on your screen, though there is something just a bit... off in her expression. Something not quite sinister, but not too incredibly friendly either. One hand hovers around a steaming teacup sitting on the table next to her, forefinger tracing the edges idly. Her other hand holds a lengthy pipe, curls of smoke wafting from the end and dissipating into the air behind her.]

Discoveries such as these are why I shall never tire of living for one thousand years! There is always so much to find. How nice, yes...

[She brings her pipe forward to take a long drag of... whatever it is she's smoking, inhaling and exhaling deeply as she reaches toward the screen and-- are her fingers moving as though she's flipping pages of a book?]

And such fascinating stories you all tell. Aaaah, but asking you to elaborate on them is not an appropriate question for a new arrival to ask, is it? [A light laugh that sounds as though it would be much shriller if it were louder] After all, our introduction should be on more pleasant terms, should it not? Humor this witch for a short period of time; help me combat my boredom. Tell me, strange book...

How do you take your tea?