19 September 2013 @ 02:43 pm
Happy 'Talk like a Pirate Day'!  
[Marvelous has been browsing the internet, trying to research Earth's sea pirates. He's come across something that intrigues him, despite it being, for him, a couple of months away.]

There's a pirate holiday, huh? You Earthlings are getting more and more interesting every day.
09 April 2013 @ 09:51 pm
[Video] Canon Update - Gokaiger  
(OOC Note: Joint post with [personal profile] do_it_ecstatically. Marvelous will talk in Red, while Gai will speak in grey.)

[The video cuts in to a view of a lush forest, the Gokaiger's huddled together back-to-back, awaiting some kind of threat.]

"Could this be the Galactic Forest's barrier?"

[Before anyone else can speak, a man in ornate garb is thrown through a shattering invisible barrier by someone else. He berates the thrown man while stepping out. Marvelous recognizes and reacts with a growl.]


[The man's mood seems to brighten, as he greets the still mostly-glowering Gokaigers. It's obviously a front though, at least to everyone but Gai.]

"Huh? Is he a friend of you guys?"

"Nothing like that. To get ahold of the Greatest Treasure in the Universe, he betrayed his comrades. He's nothing but Zangyack-allied scum!"

[Soon enough, a battle ensues, Basco summoning clones of Sentai allies and setting his monkey, Sally loose on them. Gai is ordered away with the man, Hyuuga, who is an ally to Gingaman, the group of Sentai they'd been searching for. The camera seems to follow Gai and Hyuuga's get-away, stopping in a small quarry, where Gai tends to the man's heavy wounds. He explains how he became Gokai Silver, to which Hyuuga responds to, making Gai go...]

"Hyuuga-san...as Gokai Silver?"

[The veteran warrior has offered his services to go in Gai's stead, making Gai debate on whether he should give up his mantle to Hyuuga for the betterment of the planet. But his decision is cut off by Basco returning, and forcibly trying to extract the Gingaman Grand Power from Hyuuga with his strange trumpet. Gai attempts to intervene, but his Gokai Cellular is tossed aside. Marvelous does manage to catch up and stops Basco's attempt before it's too late, but is soon set upon by a Ranger Key clone of Hyuuga's alter ego, Black Knight. Basco taunts Marvelous, telling him to give up, as the other clones arrive after shaking the other Gokaigers. Marvelous responds:]

"Obtaining the Greatest Treasure in the Universe is MY dream. And I'm not giving it up for ANYONE!"

[This inspires Gai, who instantly shoves Hyuuga, who has been creeping over to the dropped henshin device, aside. He explains how he can't let Hyuuga take his dream of protecting the planet himself away, to which Hyuuga accepts, saying that's what he'd been wanting to hear from Gai. As the other Goakiger arrive, they all line up to transform anew, and fight off the clones...]
03 March 2013 @ 12:34 pm
First Ranger Key  
[Video of a very familiar pirate ship appears, showing someone very different than Gai. He's busy at the console, typing away.]

Urgh. How does Doc remember this complicated sequence for the radar?

[He types some more, his face looking more and more frustrated as he does so. Finally he slams his hand down on the console, looking up at the screen...and noticing the ducks for the first time. He'll look confused for a second, as this is quite new. He'll start thinking about how the hell this happened.]

It can't be from me. Doc wouldn't pull pranks like this, and Luka doesn't have the technical know-how TO pull it. Joe and Ahim are out of the question....

[And then his face goes as red as his coat.]