31 October 2012 @ 03:49 pm
Video/ Halloween thing/ engagements. engagements everywhere.  
[ Castiel seems uncertain. There's a deft pause before he speaks as he finds the right words to say. Hey, this is hard for an angel that knows almost knowing about human customs! ] Utsuho, ...will you marry me? [ Doesn't matter than he really shouldn't be getting married at any point. ]

I... [ She appears more docile than ever, her face flushing red. It's dramatic enough that it would fit right into some soap opera. ] Yes.

[ He slips the ring onto her finger. DDD's resident angel in a trench coat seems to have successfully tamed the youkai from Hell, until Utsuho pretty much just gives Castiel the embrace of his life-- by tackling him to the ground. The feed cuts. ]
05 October 2012 @ 12:52 am
[ anonymous. ]  
You seem to do well with hypothetical questions, community. I have one for you, if I may.

For the purpose of this post, let's say you've suddenly been thrust into a situation in which someone has plans to harm an entire world. You can't hope to convince or overpower this person on your own. You have an ally who has helped you in the past, but they've already lost everything to this kind of struggle and are currently trying to rebuild their life.

It seems as though the sole options you have are either to submit or die, but someone else unexpectedly offers you a third route. One in which both of you would share the results. It would certainly provide you with a way to stop your opponent's plans, but it carries... certain risks. Both to yourself, and potentially to the thing you're trying to protect. While known for holding up their end of a bargain, it wouldn't be wise to entrust the person wishing to deal with you with even half of what they're hoping to share with you. Moreover, buying time to pursue this course would amount to starting a war.

What would you consider the right thing to do in this situation? Would it be best to work with the one who offered you that option in order to keep an eye on them and buy time to search for an alternative way? Or is there another road you would take in this instance?
08 August 2012 @ 11:36 pm
It would seem that in mortal terms, I haven't posted in this forum for a while. Hello.

I would apologise for my absence, but there has been much to do in Heaven. Although order of a sort is returning, many things remain in disarray. That, and attempting to introduce the majority of angels to the concept of free will is... I believe the human expression would be "so slow it may as well be going backwards".

It's frustrating. I don't suppose I could trouble anyone for advice? I'm hardly the best teacher, even with subjects that aren't so innately alien.
30 May 2012 @ 09:35 am
[ audio ]  
[ whatever the community's jacking into to broadcast this, it's clearly both on the wrong side of whatever's happening. the only distinct sound, right at the start of the audio, is of a car door slamming. loudly. after that, everything's slightly muffled. like you're hearing it spoken through glass, and transmitted through something that's at least forty years behind current technology. ]

"Hey! We need to talk."

cut OOCly for molotoving and angelsplosions; )

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18 May 2012 @ 09:23 pm
[ stalker community video + text; IC-ly dated at around 3am ]  
[ the video feed starts, and although Castiel is clearly awake and in front of his phone, face furrowed in concentration, it's immediately obvious that the video isn't intentional. in fact, he has no idea the community's currently spying on him posting. wherever he is, the room is dark, marking it as the middle of the night; but as your eyes adjust, you might notice details: cheap-looking wallpaper, messed, unruly bedsheets, a yellow arc on the wall where the glow of a streetlight from outside is coming through a gap in the curtains. Cas himself is, perhaps unsettlingly, out of his trenchcoat for once, and even the suit has been discarded; instead, he's in a loose t-shirt. even more unsettlingly, he's clearly just woken up only minutes before, and he looks shattered.

oh, and there's a pair of small, feathery wings just visible coming out from his shoulder blades. if your eyesight's really good, you might be able to notice the ends of the feathers look singed.

there's nothing audible but the sound of keys being pressed; he pauses once to yawn slightly, then looks incredibly annoyed with himself and goes back to typing. ]

I don't have much else better to do right now, so I may as well update about the current situation here. The demon Crowley managed to track down Death not so long after I left the hospital. Dean met with him, as a matter of fact. Apparently he was treated to pizza and was able to convince the Horseman not to destroy Chicago. Regardless, he was somehow able to convince Death to part with his ring, which leaves us with all four Horsemen's rings and thus the key to Lucifer's cage. ... However, the only plan we have right now is Sam's and... frankly, it's crazy. I don't think any of us would choose it if time weren't so increasingly short. But at the same time, I think it's the best chance we have right now.

Though I maintain that doesn't mean I have to like it.

While I'm here. Do any of you have advice for ways to prevent sleep? I lost patience with it several nights ago.

[ feel free to call him out on the fact that he's conspicuously not mentioning the virus and looks like he should be asking for ways to up his hours of shut-eye, not reduce them. ]
29 April 2012 @ 09:25 pm
[ video ]  
[ the video appears to show a very limited, close-up view of some white sheets, at first. well, there's only so much a phone camera can show you, really. and then a pair of bright yellow talons come into view. ]

Wake up one moment and help me with this? I'd like to say hello. [ the voice, although female, is quite deep, and curiously accented; certainly it doesn't sound like anything from Earth. there's some rustling and a sigh before a hand grabs the phone and moves it slightly, bringing things more clearly into view. ... "things" being "a drowsy-looking Castiel sitting in a hospital bed" and "the falcon currently perched on his lap, gazing intently, if a little foggily, at the camera".


she ruffles her feathers a little before announcing, with very little fanfare: ]
They keep giving us something that makes him drowsy and me slow. [ she seems very affronted by this. Cas, on the other hand, is giving her a look that says he's clearly not sure what to make of all this. ]

It's very unpleasant. [ he seems to settle for, sounding about as drowsy as she said, before the bird takes over again. ] Apparently we "woke up too early". So they won't let us leave yet. [ an impatient huff. ] It's annoying.

[ and then she tilts her head in a way that's almost jarringly identical to the way Castiel does it. ] Would you talk? If I cannot do anything else while I'm here, I'd... I'd like to learn.
26 April 2012 @ 11:29 am
> castiel: clearly be affected by a virus.  
-- celestialGuerilla [CG] began pestering Dramadramaduck [DDD] --

How would you convince the most stubborn person this side of the Medium that we’re in a situation right now where we have no choice but to take measures he finds dubious?
Reasoning hasn’t worked, yelling doesn’t seem to be working, and I’m tired of listening to other people’s arguments.
… Sorry, enough about that. I’m just frustrated.
Oh. Since I already happen to be here.
River? Sam says the next glitch should be happening within the next half an hour. If you wanted, we could meet on Skaia. Or whichever moon you happen to be closest to.
I’ve no idea what the situation is currently like on your side, but if you can, just let me know.

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Current Location: Land Of Frogs And Highways
22 April 2012 @ 02:28 am
... I have two questions.

First of all, I need advice on how to navigate attending a human school. I don't know how long this virus will last, but I'd rather be prepared in case I'm in this body longer than anticipated. In the event it lasts longer than usual, I think I'd probably be expected to attend.

Secondly... how do you all manage your emotions?

20 April 2012 @ 09:58 am
...Where am I.
11 April 2012 @ 02:25 am
[ unintentional video; last spam i promise ]  
[ the video flickers on fuzzily at first, like it's having trouble connecting; when the picture clears, it seems that the community's dropped in on the middle of whatever's happening. it's almost too dark to see, with scant cracks of daylight filtering in through some tiny holes in the ceiling somewhere, but you can just about make out Castiel turning around, a long knife in his hand, everything about him tense, as he's slowly surrounded by four other figures that must be other angels. all of them hold blades similar to Castiel's, and they circle him, twirling them in their hands, holding them ready to strike. making it obvious; you're surrounded, and outnumbered.

Cas keeps turning inside their circle, trying to keep his eyes on all of them, and then... he stops. after a moment of tense consideration, he lets the blade fall from his hand, where it rests with a clatter on the concrete floor. ]

What are you waiting for? Come on.

[ as the angels step forward, taking the bait, he suddenly moves, tearing open his shirt and slamming his palm down on his chest - and as light seems to emanate from it, it becomes clear as to why. because Castiel has carved an Enochian banishing sigil right into his own damn chest. the light swiftly builds to become blinding, and then shoots outwards--

and then suddenly, it's gone. so are all the angels. and so too, is Castiel. ]

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09 April 2012 @ 01:12 am
[ unintentional video ]  
[ The scene is that of a dark street at night, people coming and going along the sidewalks, passing a man who looks like everyone’s stereotype of a street preacher without much notice. I mean, guy’s talking about having angels talk to him about the Apocalypse being nigh? Pfft. Please. He’s clearly delusional.

… until one guy walks right up to him and starts talking, interrupting his fruitless attempts to catch people’s attention. ]
Hey! I’m Dean Winchester, do you know who I am?

Dear God!

I’ll take that as a yes. Listen, I need you to pray to your angel buddies and let them know that I’m here.

[ aaaaand with that, the preacher drops to his knees in prayer and starts pretty much shouting the Lord’s Prayer at the top of his lungs. Nothing really happens until… ]

You pray too loud.

[ … until suddenly Castiel appears out of nowhere behind the guy, sends him unconscious painlessly through two fingers pressed to the man’s forehead, and then grabs Dean bodily and slams him into the wall of a nearby alleyway. ]

I gave EVERYTHING for you! And this is what you give to me? )

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05 April 2012 @ 09:54 pm
[ voice ]  
[ Cas's voice sounds even more gravel-rough than usual and... slurred? ] Whoever first said drinking was a good way to forget was a liar.
14 February 2012 @ 08:36 pm
[ video ]  
[ and now for something completely different, and also devoid of cake. today the community has hacked into the CCTV in a seedy storeroom somewhere. mr looks-like-a-model and mr clearly-a-moose are reprising their roles from previous glimpses into Cas's life, and Cas himself...

... well, he's. uh. he's being very enthusiastically bearhugged. by a slightly corpulent, completely stark naked man. who may be crying a bit. while the other two men present look on in extreme uncomfortable awkwardness. the community also appears to really hate Cas today because it's hacked the CCTV so that it picks up really tinny, shitty-sounding sound as the naked bearhugger babbles out some inane nonsense. ]

"Love is more than a word to me, you know? I love Love, I love it, and if that's wrong, then I don't wanna be right!"

Yes, yes. [ and Cas just. awkwardly pats the guy on the back. he is so out of his depth. ] Of course, I, uh... [ ... ah, screw it. ] I have no idea what you're saying.

[ as the love-obsessed naked guy pulls back from what has to be one of the most uncomfortable hugs in the history of everything, the footage fizzles for a minute or so before refocusing itself just in time to see Dean punch the guy square in the face. ... and get some bruised knuckles for his trouble while the guy suddenly vanishes with a look like a kicked puppy. ]

"Where is he? Where'd he go?"

I believe you upset him. [ duh. ]

"Upset him?!"

"Dean, enough. You just punched a Cupid!"

"I punched a dick!"

[ and on that salient announcement, the community's connection fitzes out for good and vanishes. ]

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22 December 2011 @ 02:32 pm
[ text + also meta i am so sorry ]  
Is a change in the site design really something to make that much fuss over?

[ humans. you are so weird. ]
21 November 2011 @ 11:56 pm
[ video - WHAT IS TO COME ]  
[ You know those videos that start in media res? This is one of those videos. It's also a little fuzzy, because apparently getting video from the future is difficult, but it's easy enough to tell what's going on. What you can see is a wide lab, tiled walls and stainless steel surfaces and everything, and slumped near one of those steel tables with wheels is Cas. And - well, he doesn't look good. Understatement. He looks terrible. His face and trenchcoat are stained with blood, and does his skin look like it's melting a little? That would be a yes. As a bonus, for the psychics among you who can pick this stuff up over video feed, there's a Marina trench worth's of power coming right out of his non-existent angelic gills, and not the good kind. Think "every eldritch abomination you have ever seen in your nightmares" and you'll be just about there. ]

OOCly cut for length and 7.01 spoilers )
07 November 2011 @ 08:56 pm
[ text forever ]  
I need to know the usual tropes of human horror films as quickly as you can give me them. I suspect I may be trapped in one and I'll probably have to play by its rules while I'm trying to find a way out.

In case it wasn't obvious, this is urgent.
18 October 2011 @ 01:13 am
[ unintentional video ]  
[ it's dark, and the scene is someone's very simple living room. there's a small, scared-looking boy who couldn't be more than about eight, crowding in on himself in a corner. there are also two men, clearly related to each other. one is stupidly tall with fabulous hair. the other has the sort of face you'd expect to see on a model or something, and he's the one who speaks. ]

Was there a guy here, in a trenchcoat?

[ the boy slowly points to the floor. where there's a doll. well, more like an action figure, to be precise. in a very familiar trenchcoat. the man who spoke leans down to pick up the figure in disbelief, and -

... yep, that's definitely castiel. turned into an action figure.

w e l p. ]

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24 September 2011 @ 02:44 am
[ video ]  
[ GREETINGS COMMUNITY today you are greeted with, shock of shocks, an intentional video from Castiel? ... except that the Cas you can see on-screen is kind of looking like he needs a shave even more than usual. Also he's ditched the suit and trenchcoat for an old army jacket and jeans. And he is sort-of smirking-smiling at you all WHAT ARE THESE SHENANIGANS. ]

Whoa. Well, hello there, ducks. Gotta say I never thought I'd be seeing you again.

[ aaaand before he can say anything else, there's a very uncomfortable, slightly pissy-sounding voice from offscreen. Well, the Cas we know can't have gone too far. ] Are you going to let me have that back?

[ Future!Cas gives his present self a flat look. ] If I'm gonna be stuck here for however long, you might as well let the you who actually knows how to work technology be in charge of the phone.

[ oh look, there's our Castiel on screen now and he is looking so very uncomfortable with his arms folded and like he is manufacturing calm in spades so that he doesn't freak out? ] ... that's a fair point.

Yep, I thought so. [ future!Cas leans back a little, looking at the camera appraisingly. ] You know, being dragged back in time without warning is a pain in the ass, but I'm appreciating 2009 a lot more the second time round. So, aquatic feathered friends, how's life?
13 September 2011 @ 10:26 pm
Apparently posting here voluntarily on a regular basis prevents the community forcing you to, so I imagine it's wise for me to take that advice. The results of my search so far have been disappointing at best. Attempting to extract information from one of the Archangels... I think it would be considered an understatement to say that it didn't go well. He was very unhelpful.

... there is a question I wanted to ask, if I may. I was hoping someone with more understanding on the subject would be able to shed a little light on it. Why do humans devote so much of their time to sex? Or, I suppose place so much importance on having had it regardless of the circumstances would be closer to the mark. The preoccupation with it seems... odd, from an angelic perspective.
28 August 2011 @ 08:45 pm
I'm not sure what "Dramadramaduck" means, or what ducks have to do with anything. But if anyone using this message board could tell me how to remove it from this cell phone, I'd be grateful. I have a phone call to make, and it's important.