16 February 2011 @ 11:31 am
004 Text backdated to the 15th [locked from Brian]  
[ Posting to the comm with a phone that has a character limit for texts is hard work. ]

Hey, you know how people always ask what the fuck /ducks/ have to do with any of this /shit/? Well guess what, community, I finally fucking /figured it out/--when ducks start quacking fast enough, it sounds like someone's laughing their fucking ass off at you while you're getting fucked over, which is /exactly/ what happens on this comm /every day of the goddamn week/.

There, now you have a fucking answer for the next person who gets stuck on this fucking site.

Since I've heard that /some/ people on this community aren't lying, manipulating, douche bags, here's the fucking deal--I don't know where the fuck I am, so it would be really fucking great if I could get a goddamn worldhop back home. Sooner the fucking /better/.

/Don't ask/.

[ So ends Deb's Valentines Day. :C ]
14 February 2011 @ 07:57 am
ANONYMOUS POST back-dated to 12:15 AM but answer whenever  
So. Community. Right.

It's... pretty late and I'm expecting someone to drop by soon so I'll keep this short.

[How can she... keep this as vague as she possibly can and put away her language set so she can keep her identity secret from people but still get the point across. ... Of course--by using her friend Batista's tactics, because that always works so well.]

Say hypothetically you dated someone a while ago and it didn't exactly work out, and then they... left, and came back, and you thought you hated them, and they hated you, but then you hypothetically suddenly woke up and realized out of nowhere that you didn't--that you really loved them... a lot, even though hypothetically you know you absolutely shouldn't.

What... are you supposed to do with that? Ignore it, attack the person with your emotions--what? Help me out, here.

[The v-day virus attacks some people harder than others.

30 January 2011 @ 04:33 pm
typed post  
I read a lot of things on this talking thing, and I don't get it--how is there an older-me here? And why doesn't she like anybody? She doesn't seem like a very happy person. Almost everyone she's ever talked to she ends up yelling at them. Maybe she needs new friends, or maybe not talk to cereal killers. That might make her feel better.

Who else looked back and found themselves as older or younger?
17 December 2010 @ 09:45 pm
[Deb's working away at her computer on a new case that's ~important~. No, she never takes any breaks. Just when she goes to click on a file, the site shows up all of a sudden.]

Oh fuuuuuck... shit, this is not what I fucking needed right now.

[Making sure no one around her is looking at her computer, she tries to make it go away, fails, and then... gives in and types an entry.]

Okay, so apparently the only fucking way to make this piece of shit website leave me the fuck alone for a while is to post something, so here, I'm fucking posting. If that's not good enough, fine, I'll have a fucking conversation if that's what is takes. I need to get my goddamn job done, here, so this better fucking work.