27 June 2008 @ 09:22 pm
I still do not see the point in this- thing. Yes it glows, has buttons and makes annoying sounds. But I don't get why both Kame-chan and long ears enjoy fiddling with these things so. I find Michelangelo's comics more entertaining, considerably less noisy. They never try to sell me things and flick across the 'screen' as Leonardo calls it. I do not want to enlarge anything, stop asking.

The comics also don't make funny sounds when I do this-

[Mic clicks on, button hitting can be heard along with annoyed cursing] Damned thing, how do I make it stop beeping at me? [Button smash, angry grunt before it finally clicks off]

See? More trouble than its actually worth. Feh. I should pay Michelangelo a visit and borrow some of his comics again. Much better than this beeping contraption.

And don't you dare laugh longears, at least I figured out how to turn it on my own. Leonardo had to help you with figuring out how to turn it on.
Current Mood: contemplative