14 May 2013 @ 08:06 pm
Whoa, I missed my birthday.  Wonder how the hell I did that.  Oh, well, don't matter.


21 April 2013 @ 09:33 pm
えゔえん いf tへ symぼls あれ いん じゃぱねせ、 い しょうld stいll べ あblえ と-- おh、 へll。
おk、 まyべ のt。 lえt's try sぺあきんg と tへ だmん tひんg tへん。


...wherever the hell I am, it sure was considerate of someone to leave a computer for me. Even if I can't type on the goddamn thing.

I guess I'm in Japan? Just a wild, wild guess. On account of the keyboard. And everything outside, when I stuck my head out the window.

I mean, I think it's Japan. I... I don't know what I'm doing here, though. Unless this is supposed to be Hell? If Hell looks like Japan, then I guess I've done okay - there's a lot less fire and brimstone than I was expecting, that's for sure.

Even if it is smoky outside. I guess someone's having a bonfire. Or a barbecue. I don't know.

[after rambling at length, she sighs. it's a big, deep sigh.]

I'm alive, then? I want to say all of what happened was a dream, but...

It wasn't, was it?

Is there anyone even listening to me? I kind of looked at the place where all my imaginary friends were, but none of you were making any sense. Either you've all gone crazy, or I have. Or I'm more crazy.

Maybe I'm dreaming again now, and everything's still happening.

I remember, though. I remember him killing me.

So why am I here? Wherever here is.

[there's silence for a while, and then]


16 April 2013 @ 11:03 pm
( backdated to the 15th | full regression. )  
please help me i'm lost i can't find my mom or my dad or my big brother

i don't know where i am it's scary and it looks like a jail I THINK I'VE BEEN KIDNAPPED

please help!!!!!! my name is minatsuki takami and i'm seven years old thank you very much please hurry
09 April 2013 @ 09:25 pm
You still there, all my little friends?

cut for... audible gore?? )
02 March 2013 @ 09:43 pm
( text. )  

[ ... a text post from minatsuki? weird. and for anyone who knows her... it only ever means something bad. ]

Got a question. Hypothetical or not, who cares, it doesn't make a difference. Let's just say there's a place you've left behind. It doesn't matter why, but it's got some really bad memories for you now. If there was such a place that could be called a "living nightmare" or a "personal hell", this place would probably be it.

So, naturally, you wouldn't want to go back there, right? It's behind you. But what if someone asked you to go back? For your own sake, and for the sake of a lot of other people - there's a hook, whether you're selfish or a goody two-shoes type.

... Would you go back, then? Or would you be able to tell that person to go fuck themselves?
01 March 2013 @ 01:55 pm
[canon update] [voice] [yes you heard me] [locked from team saber and team lancer(s)]  
[Those of you who have spoken to Kirei in person before may have noted that he sounds very flat and monotone.


He doesn't now.]

If a superior made a mistake, would it be your duty to correct them? Or would you let them flounder in their own errors? I suppose it would depend on how severe the error is, if nothing else. Some mistakes are just small missteps in judgment, after all. It's almost impossible to know everything all at once.

But there are some mistakes that can only be made once. Ones so large that they can't be taken back. You become stuck upon a path, winding outward from the consequences of your actions. Inevitably, those consequences must come back to us.

If the person above you made a mistake of that magnitude...


Would you be one of those consequences?

[Casually, in the background:]

It appears that Kotomine Kirei is rather long-winded, today.

(OOC: gold = gilgamesh. Also, people trying to worldhop into fate/zero verse will now find it worldlocked! nobody's coming in or out. We runnin' this!)
18 February 2013 @ 11:46 pm
Everybody's got viruses and anon posts and stuff and that's great BUT MY ARM'S STILL BROKE FROM THAT STUPID SKI TRIP


12 November 2012 @ 04:09 pm
[video] -> [text]  
[The camera picks up a deep red couch and stone for a moment. The couch is empty. For the moment. Someone walks in. Heavy footsteps. Sits down in front of the laptop. Dull eyed and empty. Wearing a priest's outfit. He peers into the laptop for a few moments. Not particularly long, but not a quick glance. He seems to be clicking something, or else checking it.

Ah. He's got it now. He shifts his gaze from the keyboard up to the red blinking camera light.]

I'll be right back.

[Voomp. The video closes. Not suspiciously quickly. Don't get any ideas. Just a hanging moment, as he finds the right key, and x's it out.

A few moments later, this text appears.]

Now then. What can you tell me?

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1. if you haven't hit up Kirei's permission post, you might wanna do that!
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