14 December 2015 @ 03:30 pm
Oh holy crap  
It's snowing all of a sudden here on MidChilda.

And there's a giant train robot in my backyard, waiting to pick me up apparently.

What is going on here?
14 October 2015 @ 11:31 pm
Stupid Stuff  
So magic people.

How do you dismiss tentacles that keep popping up when you were a kid?

I mean, I keep summoning them whenever I need a hand. It's like instinct now.

No I don't mean for THAT.

I just yeah. It's kind of distracting when you're reaching for a pot and a dish at the same time, and you're summoning tentacles like you were 10 again.
07 January 2014 @ 08:16 pm
[The room is brightly lit, a house in a familiar home. How much time has passed? It seems like forever since there's a school uniform clearly in view.

And then, a taller figure stretches on her chair, and laughs.] So now I know! The Internet is for Porn! Who would have thought that after all this time after access was cut off that I got it back now and the first thing I see is doujinshi?

[She swings the camera up. Oh my god it's Hayate. And she's older now. Her eyes sparkle with mischief as the swell of womanly curves in puberty are clearly shown under the sweater she's wearing.] Yohooo community! Guess who's back for round two!
01 November 2013 @ 11:01 am
Video - Day of the Dead Post  
[For once, it's not Hayate being shown on the video but four figures in the living room of Hayate's house. A girl with red hair, two older women one with pink hair in a long ponytail, the other with short blonde hair. And a large wolf-like dog as well. They seem to be having a meeting early in the morning, before Hayate wakes up.]

Shamal: I guess one way to put it, is that we've been saved.

Signum: I guess its obvious that he wants to see the Book of Darkness completed.

[The camera shifts to the wolf and the redhead as the wolf actually spoke.]

Zafira: Who knows. Its possible that he wants to use the Book of Darkness once its complete.

Vita: He wouldn't do that! And even if he took the Book of Darkness only our Master can use it!

[There's a tense pause as Signum replies.]

Signum: When the Book is completed, the Master will have absolute power. There's no way threats or brainwashing can have any effect on her.

Shamal: We've got a very elaborate security system around the house. I think it's safe to say that we're pretty safe in here...

[A fact however, threatened by several unknowns. The invasion of Dai Shocker a week ago, compounded that Aqua, a powerful mage and keyblade wielder was granted access. And Hayate had ordered them not to complete it, which kept the situation under a tense lockdown. Despite their misgivings, they were in for it. And Hayate was in good with the TSAB people, including Chrono and Nanoha, two of their most staunchest opponents.

Whatever they had to say about the invaders or the people Hayate claimed to have been with her longer, was interrupted by the crashing of Hayate's motorized wheelchair and the thudding of a small body against the floor. The camera shifted again, and Hayate was laying on the floor, clutching her chest. Her Knights rushed in, and were preparing to call an Ambulance.

Five days till Christmas. Hayate's body was reaching its limit.]
11 October 2013 @ 01:07 pm
Whew Now That's Over  
Now that the crazy battle is over, by the way I hope no one was hurt from it, I was thinking about Christmas Presents. it's 10 days till Christmas for me in my world, and I'd like to get everyone I've spoken to a present. I'll have one of my family members deliver it for me, or conversely you can pick it up from me.

So go ahead Community, try to name something I might be able to get you.
15 September 2013 @ 10:28 am
Canon Bump - Getting Worse  
[It's an interior shot of the Yagami household as the briefest motion of green and yellow was seen, as Shamal exited her room, almost too indistinguishable to be recognized due to the angle of the camera. Hayate is burning up, her cough getting worse as she clutches her chest.]

Sick again... how long has it been since my last cold...

[This really wasn't a cold, as she fumbles for the remote and turns off the light, only for her hand to seize up and drop it to the floor.] O-oh...

[The date of the calendar read Dec 15, just ten days before Christmas. It was going to be a fairly miserable Christmas if Hayate was feeling this way as she tried to sit up. The world seemed to swim for her as she fell back on her bed.]

S-so weak...

[There was a shuffling from her room door as another form barrelled inside, and the video cut off from there. But it was apparent, Hayate was getting worse.]
12 August 2013 @ 11:23 am
The Checkup - Canon Bump  
[It's the inside of a hospital in Uminari City. And while some patients are being attended to, the unsteady camera of some unknown source seems to be showing Hayate and a doctor nearby. Another woman is next to Hayate, but she seems to be slightly cut off so that all you can see are her skirt and legs. The camera is focusing on Hayate after all.]

Doctor: Hmm, your test results aren't quite as good as I expected. Now then, the good news is that we haven't seen any side effects. So do you want to continue this treatment?

Hayate: Yes! I mean, it's up to you.

Doctor: You're leaving it up to me? Hmm... This is about you, so can you try to be a little more serious in thinking about it?

Hayate: Oh well um, it's just that I really believe in you, doctor.

Doctor: Oh.

[There's a peculiar silence before Hayate moves out to the windows as the conversation is overheard. However, the serious voice belonging to the woman might be familiar to some.]

Doctor: How is Hayate in her day to day life?

Signum: Except for the paralysis in her legs, she's perfectly fit.

Doctor: Look, I know that it has been tough on all of you but I want you to know that we're doing our very best.

Signum: I know.

Doctor: For now, we're going to focus on slowing the progress of the paralysis. For that, we may have to utilize tougher treatments that will involve hospitalization.

Signum: Right, I'll talk to Hayate about it later.

[The mood is tense, almost sombre in a way. Both women and the little girl knew how serious this was, despite Hayate looking into the sky through the windows and smiling. But her smile was a sad one, and the mood very tense.]
14 July 2013 @ 01:11 pm
Accidental Video  
[You see Hayate trying to reach something in her house. It's pretty high up and apparently one of her housemates forgot they had to put the cooking things at low levels.]

Hnnngh... it's... too high up... I wish I could get it!

[There was a brief flicker of something pink and then, a pink... thing, reaches up from off screen and wraps around the pot before it brings it down and hands it to Hayate.

Hayate blinks at it, and looks at the object off screen.] Did you do this? [Several more tentacles moved into view and soon, Hayate was giggling as she seemingly manipulated these tendrils everywhere, getting things.]

This is so much fun! I never knew I could summon tentacles! What an easy thing to do!
24 June 2013 @ 02:41 pm
Canon Bump - 1/3 - Nanoha A's Start!  
[You see Hayate moving around the kitchen, working on something that's boiling at waist height as she's on the phone.] -- You'll be coming home late? Okay. I'll make sure that there'll be food ready for you when you get home.

Sorry Hayate-chan, I promise we'll be back as soon as possible! [Was the voice on the other end, audible to the community.]

It's okay, Shamal, just come back as soon as possible okay? I'll call one of my friends to keep me company. Laters!

[Hanging up, she sighed as she found her laptop broadcasting.] Oh hi community! Looks like it's been a long time. It's December now. So how are things?
06 May 2013 @ 10:01 pm
TV Shows  
Vita is getting antsy around the house lately. She and I don't go to school so we usually wind up watching a lot of shows, but now we're in the late reruns recently.

Does anyone have recommendations on what we should watch?

[To say the least Zafira who spends most of his time curled up at the foot of the couch watching TV with them.]
31 March 2013 @ 09:00 pm
[Video | No Consequences Day 2]  
[Yesterday, Tsubomi decided to go on a multiversal trip, snogging on everyone she met. Most of them girls. Most of them Precure. At least one of them taken. When she went to bed that night, she was on Cloud 9.

When she woke up the next morning, it was almost like hell decided to knock on her door. You see, one of those people she kissed was Itsuki. Her school's Student Council President. And well... no one knew the two were an item. Now they knew. And now, many of Itsuki's fangirls aren't happy that the new girl won her heart!

That's not counting the fact that, as Tsubomi laid there in her bed, the computer screen coming to life and the comm broadcasting everything, she worried about everyone else trying to get to her. It was probably a good thing that her parents could help her weather the storm just a little but...]

Mouuuu...! What have I done?! I've gotten everyone hating me now! ...I feel ill now...

[And she's going to hide her head under the covers. How could this get worse?]
30 March 2013 @ 09:35 am
[10 ~ Accidental Video | No Consequences]  
[Ducks, the camera feed opens on... a forest. In a clearing, Rita's standing and looking at a single tree separated from all the others. She's taking deep breaths with her eyes closed, and she's got a long scarf drawn, coiled in her hand. Around her lie several small, empty bottles that used to contain gels, and a few more marked to be cures for things like being poisoned. In short, it looks like she's been overworking herself again. Perhaps more than usual, as there's no sign of Yuri and the others. Truth be told, she'd been working on theory for more extreme magic than she'd been using up to now; some of her really big stuff was yet to come together, but with everything that had been happening, plus her status as a researcher and mage of Aspio, it was her duty to push herself.

But as if at some unseen signal, Rita's eyes snap open and her hands come up in front of her.]

Time for something with a little more sparkle...!

[And the sky seems to darken, as she starts winding up for something big, starting to chant at a shouting level. ((0:07-0:17))]

I, who stand in the full light of the heavens, call upon thee, who openeth the gates of hell! Come forth, divine lightning!

[The very air seems to crackle with energy, though something seems... wrong. It's clear she's aiming at the tree, but the whole clearing is shimmering. All the same, she's this far in. Can't stop now...!]

This ends now! Indignation!

[A brilliant light fills the clearing as lightning roars down from the heavens... but even with the terrible flash, Rita seems to have mostly missed the tree. And as a piercing scream fills the air, it's clear that it wasn't the tree she hit.

Rita, self-proclaimed genius mage, missed and hit herself. With something meant to take on a god. And as she collapses to the ground, clothes and hair smoking slightly, you can make out a faint condemnation:]

Dammit... I messed up...

[She's still conscious, as made apparent by the occasional even softer swearing, but she's not going anywhere under her own power for a little bit. The camera cuts out after a short time.]

((Rita's still quite alive and will be responding to comments.))
20 March 2013 @ 09:32 pm
Working Overtime  
Hayate... this... thing is making growling noises at me.

[A typical day at the Yagami house, and the Wolkenritter, not that anyone knows about it, are having a really really bad day. Signum was staring at the washing machine, like it was about to attack her, and it was foaming. Hayate rolled into view and sighed.]

Oh dear, you overloaded it! Hold on, help me remove some of the clothing.

[As the pair did so, another voice cut in.]

Hayate! The box thing is being noisy again!

[Rolling back to see Vita trying desperately to make the TV cooperate, she giggled a little.]

That's because you have it turned up too loud! Turn it down a little with the volume control.

[A cut to the outside, and the "family dog" is sweeping the front lawn with his tail, and throwing dust everywhere. Everyone is making a mess.]

[Hayate's patience is vast, but as she rolls out, there's a gout of flame from the stove.]

KYAAAAAH! Hayate help!

Shamal has basically lit a pan on fire and she was flailing around, smoke going everywhere and the smoke alarm blaring.]
Read more... )
[Thankfully Hayate got it under control as she sighed.]

Shamal I think we're going to have to teach you how to heat a pan first before you cook.


(ooc: there is no Reinforce in this picture why do you ask?)
05 March 2013 @ 11:01 am
Aftermath - Canon Bump  
Stuff That Happens Off-Camera )

[Hours later, the Camera actually opens to Hayate in a hospital bed, as she's typing on the computer that one of her Wolkenritter had provided her.]

Hi everyone, sorry for this but uh... I passed out last night after the party. But don't worry, my relatives came to visit me! And guess what: they're staying with me now!

I'll get pictures up of them later, but they're all really nice, and they're from Germany too. I'll introduce everyone later. And don't worry, they were simply concerned I fainted so they brought me to the hospital.

Everyone, thank you for the birthday party though. And don't worry, I'm fine, really!

[She never realized her legs were finally beginning to re-paralyze.]
04 March 2013 @ 11:41 am
[09 ~ Action]  
[You may have noticed that Rita's been a little quiet the past few weeks. The truth is, she's been making preparations for a certain little girl's birthday. Privately, she was afraid when the whole thing had gone down at the Myoudouin mansion a little bit ago, but it looked like the Precure had the situation under control, so she'd left it to them and finished up.

Now, the time had come. Organizing all of this was difficult, and truth be told she only managed it because of the time dilation between Terca Lumireis and Hayate's home. But it's just about done. Just a few things left to finish...

And everything's come together. Hayate's house has been turned into the venue for a birthday party that could only be made possible by intervention from various worlds. It's not a huge affair, but it's definitely something you can tell effort went into; the house isn't huge itself, but there's enough space for the guests. There's food set up over by the kitchen, though she had to ban Hayate from doing any work today. She found some space to set up a few games to keep everyone occupied, and of all things she scraped together some fireworks. Nothing big, but it's summer here, and what better in summer than sparklers at night?

Rita's standing by as people arrive in case anything goes wrong, but mostly she just wants to make sure this goes off without a hitch. For once in her life, she's really nervous, and there's nothing she can do about it. So she's keeping herself busy and trying to make this work out. There haven't been any major problems yet, but she's got a few gels in her pocket in case she needs to take action in an emergency. And the whole time, she's keeping a careful eye on Hayate; happy that they made this work, but there's an undercurrent of worry that's hard to miss.

Unbeknownst to Rita, though, something is stirring inside the house... and anyone with magic may or may not be able to sense a very slight drain. It's barely noticeable, just the slightest tug on their power. But it's there. Anyone that notices won't be able to figure out where it's coming from, though.]

((Rita's going to be flitting around doing basically everything, if you're looking for her. Threads are going up to keep things organized, but if you're just looking to socialize feel free to start another and/or threadjack.))
21 February 2013 @ 06:30 pm
The Little Fights That Make Us Who They Are  
[It really was a difficult thing to gauge but how quickly had everything fallen apart. One minute the girls were having fun and Hayate wheeled over to get the ball where it had fallen. The next, there was a terrible scream from where the girl had seemingly fallen.

You see, Hayate and Nanoha were over at Itsuki's place having some fun after the fun events of Tanabata and since time was moving slower in their world for some reason, they could take some time off. Going to the HCPC timeline would be perfect, and the two girls were throwing around a ball and generally having fun as Itsuki's houseguests.

But then, everything turned sour.

Sasorina had taken the chance to capture Hayate and her Heartflower was in full view. It was a pale ivory color with a odd look to it -- a woman clutching the flower which had been mostly wilted. Within seconds she had transformed the poor girl into a Desertrian and the huge wheelchair-based being proclaimed, obviously,] WHEELCHAIR!

[A long overdue event that took seconds, as Desertian Hayate held up a hand and there was a glowing ball of energy in it. And she hurled it into the town, where there was a massive explosion and a shout of,] I don't want anyone to cry!

[Assemble heroes, for the girl is completely and utterly out of control.]

(ooc: fight threaaaaad! No tag order, just go nuts and I'll tag everyone who fights. I can multitask really... oh and the fight thread isn't Cures only. If your character has a worldhop, come try to stop the kid. Don't worry, Desertrians are hardy.)
11 January 2013 @ 10:58 am
Stepping Stones - Video  
[The video consists of Hayate in a park today. She has a determined expression on her face as she braces herself on the railing next to herself. Slowly, very slowly she starts pulling herself out of the chair.

Careful... careful...! And carefully she pulled herself to a standing position, clutching onto the railing for dear life. She almost squeaks and falls over, but holds on, her knees shaking.

And one by one, she started taking steps. The force of the Star Rod was keeping her upright as she started to walk, very, very slowly step by step.]

Almost... got it...!

[Hayate was groaning as she tried to continue to walk and with a squeak she toppled over. A nameless guy came by and helped her back up and she nodded at him, passing a few words as she climbed to her feet again, legs shaking.]

I gotta get better... or I'll waste Rita-oneechan's gift... and Bowser-oniichan's gift too...!

[And carefully she takes another step. And another...]
29 December 2012 @ 09:59 am
Canon Bump - Starlight Breakers And You  
[It's a scene like out of a magical girl's anime, two girls, one light, one dark overhead. Both of them seemed to be fighting the hardest they could. The one in black held out a hand to withstand the force of it, but the girl in pink thrust her staff forward and screamed two words.]


[There was a tremendous explosion which ripped asunder the broken bay which had been damaged severely from the battle. Brilliant light filled the camera -- and Hayate woke up, gasping for air.

Breathing heavily, her heart thudded away as she panted. Looking at the time, it read "7:45 AM" and she dragged a hand through her face.]

What was that... another dream? ... oh?

My fever broke. Thank god.

[Looking over at the laptop, she smiled at waved at it.] Good morning community, how is everyone today?

[The memory of the epic battle was swiftly fading from Hayate's mind too.]
17 December 2012 @ 01:42 pm
[The camera seems to be filming from a nearby monitor as the beeping of machines can be heard. But of it, a small girl dressed in a hospital gown is staring out into the sky, as the snow falls around the hospital.]

Snow... in the summer? How strange...

[Looking around, she turned the wheelchair around and rolled her way to the laptop that she had on her bed and started to type, not noticing she was being filmed as she narrated her words.]

July 12, 2005. It's snowing outside! It really is! I took a picture of it with the computer but I can't believe it. And on the day when I had to go into the hospital too... I hope they let me out, I really want to play outside. The doctors might be worried though because my legs have gotten worse...

... wait is this on? [Hayate reached out and fiddled with the small web camera on the top of it.] Hello?