27 November 2009 @ 04:24 pm
[Failed Private]  
What in the name of my biceps is this?

Even, I, Jorgen Von Strangle, toughest fairy in the universe, with my awesome muscles and magic cannot break our bond!

Dr. Rip Studwell, couldn’t separate me from this human, EITHER!

If being bond like this is the cause of this community of Drama and Ducks,
I am going to have to add some new rules to the Da Rule Book or something, I cannot have people just poofing into Fairy World. What if they set the Anti Fairies free from their prison? That would be DISASTROUS!

QUIET!!!! I shall bring your own universe as soon as our wands are off emergency power! -
And when you’re not attached me anymore. [/Failed Private]

[Failed Locked to Kazuha]
I saw what you did there. Bring him back to this world, NOW!

[/Failed Lock]

(If anyone is lost, just read THIS and he meant to post this in his journal privately obvoiusly and Crocker is in Kazuha's world)
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30 October 2009 @ 08:00 am

[There's a few adustjments, then a girl who looks suspiciously like Mikaela appears. Jennifer leans forward in front of the camera, resting her hands on her chin. She grins, though it doesn't quiiiite reach her eyes.]

Soooo, what is this place, anyway? I don't really get the whole...duck thing. Is it supposed to be like, some kind of pun? Cause it's like...not very funny. [She twists her lips into a little pout, then it dissolves into the smile again.]

I'm uh...kinda new to this online 'blogging' things, but I thought it'd be a totally awesome place to meet some [mutter]hot guys people.

I'll go first, 'kay? My name's Jennifer, and my favorite color is totally pink~

[She gestures, come on everyone, don't you adore her already~?]

What about you, hmm~?