20 December 2009 @ 08:02 am
isn't cut IC, but there's a video back here )

The poor kitty... and the artist... and his girlfriend... I'm not really "a sap" for crying at this, am I?
26 November 2009 @ 01:08 am
[video - lawl, guess who didn't notice the Pale Rider of Brionac just yet]  
[Ladies and gentlemen of the society of dramatic ducks, you may want to turn your volume down a bit. If it's up loud, Master Maverick may just break your speakers.

The screen is dark at first - plainly, the lens is obscured by something. The microphone, on the other hand...

- told you it'd work! See, that line's moving and everything!

[A different voice cuts in. Older, long-suffering... and oddly enough, he might be somewhat familiar-sounding to some of you for reasons you can't place. Yuri Lowenthal on the other side of the fourth wall being the biggest one... This second voice is a bit tinny, distant from the microphone.]

Yes, and you're blocking the camera... maybe that's for the best, I mean, who knows who's going to see this?

[Jude's back. And still loud. And oh hey, you can see his face now - not that he's looking at the camera. Rather, he's staring across at somebody. The computer is on a table, plainly, and there's a very, very beat-up fluorescent light fixture visible above Jude's head.]

Yeah, well... I don't, but that doesn't mean bad people are going to, all right?! There are plenty of nice people on the community I joined... maybe you should fix one of these computers up!

[Maybe the other boy in the room would have continued, but there's a tinny feminine shout, and the light fixture wobbles dangerously, as though there's been an impact to the exterior of the building. Jude reaches down and grabs the computer, and the feed cuts out.]

((Mods, I hope that bit of NPC use was okay? I know I should've asked before, but it's one line, so... yeah. Also, Kresnik-mun, I AM SO SORRY THIS DIDN'T GET PUT UP YESTERDAY. orz))
17 November 2009 @ 09:39 pm
Just a question.  
What's "Christmas"? The advertisements on this place keep mentioning it, and it's not a word I've seen before... searching MY internet doesn't bring anything up about it. I'm guessing that it's some kind of winter holiday, but... what kind?

Okay, one more question, sorry! How many people here right now are using books to see this place?

((Kid still can't HTML, and still hasn't been publicly called out on the fact that he's using an alias - go ahead, somebody! - and also still can't see icons.))
13 November 2009 @ 05:33 pm
so THIS is the internet, then?  
Okay, stupid question.

But this is the only site I've seen that seems to be updated regularly that I can actually SEE. that shopkeeper said I was welcome to have this computer if i could get it working, but I guess I'm only one of a few people outside of soldiers to have one now... everything but here's locked up tight or not being used.

Anyway!! You can call me Jack (I guess i'm KIND OF a dream chaser now, so it fits, right?). I'm traveling around with a few friends, and I'd like to get ot know more people, so... tell me a little about yourselves, please?

((All typos intentional - behold Eva's effort at typing like a thirteen-year-old boy who A)isn't used to typing, B)has a crappy computer with shift key issues, and C)has no idea what HTML is. And JSYK, he can't see icons.))
13 November 2009 @ 10:51 am
If you ever needed a man for anything then this is the perfect auction for you! I have for sale one man, 30 to 40 years old, tall and not unattractive who can do anything for you.
Or you could do anything to him. Like playing dress-up? Tea parties? Need a paperweight? He's good for all of those purposes and more! He measures approximately 97.5 x 72.5. I'm not sure exactly what part that's a measurement of, but you can dream if you want.
He's highly attracted to shiny things and you might be able to play with him like a cat with a flashlight.
Also, he wears a hat. He comes with a variety of merchandise which you can consider "mystery prizes".

So, how about $25 as a starting bid? I think that's very reasonable.
Current High Bid: Approximately $30 - Dumbledore

P.S. You can use him as a servant, too.