02 April 2012 @ 02:28 am
001 | text | fresh meat in the hizzle fo shizzle  
I can't wait for April Fools Day to be over so I can get rid of all these ducks.

Whoever it is down in the tech department who decided this was funny isn't going to think so when I figure it out.

They're even on my phone.
31 January 2011 @ 09:16 pm
006 ∞ text  
Ah. The duck community. Again.

I wish you knew how to quit me.

(ooc: in twenty years justin hasn't gotten any funnier, and still thinks he's hilarious ;~; feel free to assume cr and such~

also backdated to virus start because my computer was down during the weekend :|)
24 January 2011 @ 12:31 pm
005 ∞ text  
I've been caught up in work since after Christmas, and this site slipped my mind. It's seemed to have realised that now since it's taken over all my devices again, and won't let me access anything else. I'm guessing that means I need to make a post or something.

Going to be busy for a while too: I got my slot for the Stark Expo all neatly lined up, and now I just have to get the damn suits to work make the final tweaks and run the final tests before I put together my presentation. Not giving away any details though: I like to surprise people.

So now that you all know what I've been up to, it's time to ask you all what you've been up to. Well?

(ooc: mun apologizes. hectic time of life @_@ strike outs = deleted)
26 December 2010 @ 09:56 pm
004 ∞ video (on purpose, this time!) (backdated to Christmas eve)  
(Merry Christmas, DDD. Have one Justin Hammer posting a Christmas video for all of you, and him being him, the settings are rather idyllic. Behind him there's a fireplace that's going, and to the right of the fireplace, a window through which you can see snow swirling. Justin looks rather idyllic too, in his ~holiday sweater~. The only thing missing for it to be Christmas card worthy is a wife and two kids, but shh, he doesn't really care about that. He's used to being alone for the holidays, and is perfectly capable of amusing himself. This is relaxing~, and best done alone)

Hello, uh. Ducklings? Was that the appropriate term as the community as a whole? (oh how funny he finds himself. a chuckle) Even if it's not, hello to all of you. And Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it. (he's going to raise his cup of cocoa at the screen, and take a sip, cream going on his top lip, which is licked off with a pleased sigh) I'm just here to wish all of you a Happy Holidays, or happy season, depending. I hope all of you have good whichevers.

And those who received gifts enjoy them. I have a few under my tree to open come morning, and I've only shaken them a bit.


(and that is where the video feeds cuts off. Shh. He hasn't gotten gifts for many, simply since he hasn't had time to make all that many friends. But Blaine and Kurt have been given their gift, and as for who he's been Secret Santa for, aka Giselle? She'll be getting a $500 gift voucher for Zara.com, to be used for things for herself, or her coming baby (since he tried to find out what it was going to be, but came up short), as well as a necklace. Honestly he had no idea what to get, and asked the clerk what to get, her coming up with that. Cameron too has received a gift. That, and a fancy gun, having mentioned an interest in his work earlier. AND AND AND. It works! The gifts have gotten to their recipients through ~magic~ (aka he worked out a way), and hopefully will be well received.)
11 December 2010 @ 03:22 pm
003 ∞ (accidental) video  
(a video starts to stream, showing a rather grand office with large windows, which through you can see part of New York city. After a moment though, into the frame appears one very gleeful Justin Hammer. Not obvious now, but he's just nailed (hurr) that he's been working hard on getting, so this is pretty much the best Christmas gift he could have gotten. And, seeing as he has yet to notice the video streaming onto the community, he does a victorious dance)

(you then see him rubbing his hands together, and going to pour himself a self congratulatory scotch, before he sits back down behind the desk, and the video cuts out)

(ooc: obviously Jimmy Fallon and LL Cool J aren't there, but the dance is the dance he's doing, split drop and all~ He is classy okay)
23 November 2010 @ 09:20 pm
002 ∞ text  
I go away for one weekend, and crazy ensues. I'm not sure whether it's a good thing I was gone or not, but I just spent an hour going back through posts and while I'm sure that some of this weirdness is...normal, all of it can't be.

Especially Anthony being a Father. Well I think he probably has a kid or two around, but not that he takes care of.

A virus occurred, right?
12 November 2010 @ 07:34 pm
intro ∞ 001 ∞ text  
(ooc: text intro. Strike outs not visible)

Drama, drama, duck? Why duck of all things? I see the ducks along the top of the page, but they don’t really seem like very dramatic animals. Why not have it be something like… “Drama, drama, gazelle”? Now there’s an animal that has a dramatic life, that’s for sure, what with the constant looming danger of lion attacks. I shouldn’t leave Animal Planet on when I’m working in the evening.

But that’s not my main concern here. Someone want to explain to me just what this place is? Like…what’s the point of it? What’s there to do? I’m not completely internet inept. I tweet. I have a blog. I do the instant messaging thing. But I can’t seem to get anywhere other than here, and I couldn’t even get to this area of the site before I’d registered. It wouldn’t even go away when I restarted my computer and tried another browser, so I’m stumped.

I have work I need to do, so a little help would go a long way.