08 April 2014 @ 08:25 pm
43. chased rumour  
Hey. Community.

Do miracles exist, do you think?
24 March 2014 @ 09:02 pm
♞ 001  
[Today, DramaDramaDuck is streaming a rather strange video post: it's filming a dark, cavernous cave from the ground up. At first, the place appears to be empty, but if one looks closely they might notice that the darkness is actually moving-- tendrils of shadow swirl through the air, occasionally flicking close to the camera. Not long after, slow, quiet footsteps can be heard, followed by...]


[It's low and muttered, and the speaker clearly isn't expecting a response; the feed shakes suddenly as the device is picked up, and then it goes black.]
14 March 2014 @ 07:49 pm
1.0; Reboot: Kefka 2, Electric Boogaloo  
I am going to die of boredom if this keeps up!

[Here is a little pale man sitting on a ledge of rock. Only a few smudges of light make it through the clouds to show off the scarlet paint on his face and fill the hollow cheek bones.]

[He picks up a rock and throws it into the dark abyss below.]

How am I supposed to have any fun if nothing's on the line? A video game is nothing like real life. Game over; new game; continue. How can anything be fun if no precious lives are on the line? Now that I know the true nature of things, what's the point in continuing this farce of final boss?

[Kefka hops to his feet and starts yelling at the abyss.]

If they don't come back, I'll - I'll play loud music in the middle of the night. I'll kill someone and dance on his grave. I won't mix patterns for a week! I won't wear any bright colors! I'll destroy this universe and everyone in it, then hop to another and blast Never Going to Give You Up from the loudspeakers for hours at a time! So help me, if the ducks don't come back, I'll -

[A worldhop device falls out of the sky and whaps Kefka on the head. Kefka squawks, almost wobbles off the ledge, then tumbles onto his butt, off the ledge and onto the rocky ground.]

Yeouuuuch! What nasty creature dares hit Kefka on the head?!

[He looks up into the camera, then grins.] Ducks! You're back! 

Current Location: Tower of Kefka
26 February 2014 @ 02:15 pm
3rd Contact  
[Naoki's post starts up showing a dimly lit room, the sound of a very Nineties keyboard loudly clacking away. The view pans to Naoki's face, eyes bagged and haggard. Its almost a minute before he looks away to see that he's recording. He smiles and waves weakly]

Oh, hey guys. Sorry I haven't been on lately. Things have been really busy here. And! And I've been doing some digging and I think I found something.

[Yep, he's still on his 'ITS A CONSPIRACY!!!1!' kick from when his Kamen War video was taken down. The screen is filled with news articles entitled 'Cybers Corp. communication tower projected delayed' and another with the headline 'Cybers Tower building resumed in Yoyogi Park']

Apparently, according to these articles, Cybers Corporation, a major communication group had begun building a major signal relay tower in Yoyogi Park, but it ended up running into some major legal issues that delayed it. Then just after my video was taken down, those problems just up and....vanish. And I think...

[Just as he was going to get some steam in his obvious rant, his phone beeps. He looks down to the message and his expression flushes into a frown.]

Oh. Uh crap. You guys have any idea what's good to get a sick teacher? Isamu just sent me a mail that Yuko-sensei was just admitted to a hospital and wants my help to wish her well. Still wish I knew why he keeps asking for my help when it comes to dealing with her...

[The feed cuts off there as he murmurs silently]

22 February 2014 @ 10:57 pm
Dear Book People,

I think...I think I might actually be able to escape the Library!

Its taken five weeks of my time, but after that terrible Madam left the Watchers did as I asked and put up a sign for me. With any luck, within a few day someone will send me out the doors and into freedom!

Of course I'll take this book with me, as well as mine and Mr. Grassi's.

But I'm not sure what else I'll need. I have no idea what the city might be like.

- Marianne Zahman
Under Assistant
The Library
Chaos: 734 Order: 895
18 February 2014 @ 11:13 pm
ramble ramble ramble  
So recently Kaaree subjected me to some crystallized plays...ah, I suppose they are called "movies"? Yes. Earthling movies.

And after a long argument on whether the term "unobtanium" was terrifying and poetic or foolish and idiotic, I realized that none of your worlds have the concept of "una". Roughly translated it means "the thing for which I will destroy you".
Skipable Linguistics Rant )

In the end, I wonder if the other worlds that connect here have yet to encounter many cases of this archetypal destructive need. Or perhaps our inevitable lust for power and glory simply plays out over smaller stages.

My people have long accepted this, encapsulating the fall behind the words "The Inquest Always Finds A Way", but I hope that the battle against apathy and destruction is still being fought on your worlds.
14 February 2014 @ 01:29 pm
[Karakael is curled up at a window-seat, back against the wall and looking out at his desert home. He wears an outfit from the Inquest he abandoned long ago - a dark pink cloak molding with the flesh of his bare chest that pools at his waist and joins the black leggings and kilt. He wears a silver mask with vivid blue tears dripping from the eyes.]

Strange to think how much can change in a mere Earth year. Strange too how much one can gain and lose in that same amount of time.

Kefka is gone, likely for good. I wonder which is worse, knowing that he still lives but with no memory of this place...or realizing that his memory might fade from my mind as well, erasing the time we spent together.

In my world being ripped apart by time and fate is not unusual. Often lovers would watch as their loved ones were frozen in time, knowing that what once was passion would fade into history in a hundred years time. Death for one, forgetting for the other...

This is the first time I've been on the side of the forgotten rather than the forgetter. Strange, how it stings, making one wonder what the point of love is at all, if it is nothing but fleeting.

Really, is it worth it?
30 January 2014 @ 09:30 pm
A video from a new source comes to life: the view is framed by ledgers within a tastefully appointed study; the subject, a seated young androgynous person turned in mid-conversation toward a mild man.

" - the payments are accounted for? I'd like to know now while I'm doing the finances."

The man gave a bow, obviously a subordinate. "Yes. The first shipment has been set out for testing, last I heard. We have received Her Majesty's first payment in full."

"Excellent. You may go." With a casual wave of their hand, they turned back to their open ledger as the man left.

For a minute or two more, they attended to the ledger, checking columns and occasionally making a mark on the pages. Soon, however, they noticed they were being watched, nudging aside books to grasp the camera. The view shifts, clearly being set on the desk before them, as they fiddle with the device, blue eyes flicking as they read. Soon enough they notice the camera and, with a gasp, turn the video off.

When the video returns, the person is front and center, not a stray hair out of place, their makeup refreshed. With a sweet smile and hands demurely folded, they make their introduction.

"Greetings, community. I hope to become well acquainted, and you may call me Kuja." A deep nod, like a noble addressing their peers, "A most intriguing discovery, for while on the outside this appears to be a common pocket notebook, within is a technology of the like not to be seen on this planet! I hope you may be my gracious hosts as I make my discoveries through this most magnificent book, and that this be a fortuitous start of a long career!"

With that flowery speech, the video ends.