18 July 2014 @ 02:26 pm
[Text, made under the effect of Rose Colored Glasses]  
While it is possible I am feeling this way because of this technology, I no longer loathe the large amount of trash that I'll have to clean up. The more of it there is, there more I get to rip it apart and dispose of it, which is quite entertaining. The blindfold he wears isn't so irritating either, and nor is the fact that my Master sleeps for the moment. It simply means that I get to enjoy the eventual tragedy and the pain it shall inflict on him, whether he manages to cast it aside or not.

And soon, my Master shall be in perfect health once again, able to incinerate whatever garbage and mice are left. Even these blazing suns just allow me to rest and eat ice cream. It's quite strange, really, but if this is the result of this technology meddling with the script, it is a very poor attempt to irritate me.
13 May 2014 @ 09:25 pm
Why do things like diaries exist? There's no point in recording each act of your play when it is useless and benefits no one. There's no audience member who will read it all at the end and be moved or laugh at the pitiful actions the actors took to stay onstage or to force the curtain from falling.

Except, of course, for him. A diary is a pitiful thing, but his ideals are pitiful as well. Perhaps forcing everyone to write one so I can give it to him as a farewell present would make the tragedy even worse for him. Knowing what went on behind the stage might possibly make each ending stab even deeper into his heart. A twist of the knife to cause him to cry..that shall be a wonderful reaction. It is what he deserves until he can come to the truth.