09 August 2013 @ 03:15 pm
voice; canon update  
[Her voice is tired-sounding and she stifles a yawn as the recording starts.]

Excuse me, community. The hour is quite late here but... I am having difficulty sleeping. The move back to the capital's taken it's toll and, well. I would like to have some conversation over the community.

[There's another yawn.] How about riddles? I'll start! What's as light as a feather but even the strongest man in the world can only hold for a minute? No cheating.

((From now on, Lilith will only be able to respond in voice.))
24 July 2013 @ 08:34 pm
[accidental video] Canon update  
[The camera suddenly turns on as it falls to the ground, catching a quick view of a tall man seated on a horse. A stretch of road breaks the forest cover behind him--by the light it seems to be nearing dusk. The view is pointed towards him as he looks around.]

Lilith! If you can hear me, answer!

[He leans back in the saddle, eyes wandering around the forest and the road. He mutters to himself. The silence is suddenly broken by the sharp scream of a young girl--Lilith. The man kicks his horse towards the voice. His own horrified scream carries to the camera even if the both of them are totally off camera.

When he speaks, it seems they're not far off camera.]

No, Lilith--Lilith, how did this happen...?!

[Lilith's own voice isn't as strong as the man's. In fact, it sounds extremely strained.] Georik...

How many times have I warned you not to go off by yourself?!

I'm so sorry, brother... I ran here... [Lilith's voice breaks as she speaks even if Georik breaks her off with a sharp remark.]

Foolish girl! You're seriously injured, let me see! [Georik's voice keeps rising in volume and speed. Lilith doesn't seem to hear him or care.] A monster...in the forest, such a terrible beast.

We have to stop the bleeding... Stay still!

No! We have to run...! [Lilith's voice is barely caught by the camera, a mere whisper with each word spoken heavily as if she's having trouble breathing.]

Calm down, there's nothing there. We have to get back to the villa. ...Lilith? Answer me! [The camera cuts out suddenly.]

((Normal is Lilith, italics is Georik, her brother. She will actually respond, IC-ly it will be a few hours up to a day but she will respond.))
14 July 2013 @ 05:38 pm
Accidental Video  
About Lydia...What must I do to make her like me?

[To ask such a question, Edgar's guest must have been close to one of them but when the video opens, his guest if hidden off screen. Somehow, the view changes and Nico, Lydia's fairy cat for those who know her well enough, is shown to occupy the second seat and he doesn't look the least bit pleased.

Neither does Edgar, with his chin propped up by his fist.]
There isn't any man she fancies, right? So I thought I had a good chance.

[His words seem to make Nico angry enough to have his fur stand on end. His meows go on for quiet a while, Edgar looking surprisingly chastised.]

I'm sorry. Let me ask the butler to bring that over? [That catches the cat's attention.]These are chocolates filled with liqueur, just imported from France.

Please, help yourself. [They were useless words as Nico is already doing just that, in a very uncat like manner.] Consider it my thanks for just now.

[Maybe it's those words, maybe it's the thought of Lydia's happiness but the fairy stops, looking at the food for a second.

As if he understood, the video ends on Edgar's response.]
Yes...I understand.
14 July 2013 @ 02:37 pm
handwritten; fail-locked from edgar  
[ Lydia's updating idly from her father's study while she's looking up certain things about a certain stone that a certain butler happened to hand her after a certain stupid orange-haired twit dropped it while aguing with Lydia. ]

Say that I made a bet with someone over whether or not Edgar would try to kiss me as soon as he gets the chance? I'm fairly confident in my chances even if the stakes are pretty high, but what do you guys think? It was sort of heat of the moment when I made the bet, but I'm wondering if Edgar would or wouldn't do something like that..

[ After all, he was a gentleman and actually didn't peek at her at the waterpark. So now she's second thinking her bet... it's a little late now, but still. ]

Has anyone else ever made a bet in the heat of the moment like this that they're not quite sure about the more they think about it but it's too late to take back?
19 June 2013 @ 09:05 pm
Oh, I'm so glad this invention of St. Germant's allows me to write out things as well. Georik and Sebastian are about and I don't want them to hear what I want to ask.

Will someone here be able to teach me how to fight with a sword?
01 June 2013 @ 11:06 pm
[video; intro]  
[A young girl, dressed in black, leans towards the camera. She's practically smiling with delight.]

Ah, Saint Germant outdid himself this time! It's a wonderful gift--I speak into this and it'll record my voice as well as my image? [She's talking to someone off-screen. Getting an answer the girl smiles even wider.] Hehe... If anyone could come up with this, my Saint Germant could!

[She pats the camera like one would pet a small dog. The way she tilts her head next indicates there's someone talking to her off-screen.] Don't worry, I'll have my tea in the garden like always. I'll show Brother this wonderful gift when he gets back home. Though, I must wonder...

[She pouts.] If a man has enough free time to design such machines wouldn't he have enough free time to visit the person he's engaged to? Oh, don't worry. I'll write him a letter about it later.

Now, little camera, it's just you and me. It's a little lonely, isn't it? Georik won't be back until sunset today... How about I sing you a rhyme? It might suit you, since you're made out of springs. [With that, the girl begins singing a soft nursery rhyme.] Hickory, dickory, dock...the mouse ran up the clock....

[The video ends.]