25 August 2011 @ 03:42 pm
[Locke is sitting at a table in what is, clearly, a bar, though, he's not drinking anything that could be called alcoholic. He sits alone and, in fact, the bar itself is fairly empty; not your usual bar scene. At the next table over, two men sit and talk in hashed tones, though, the nearby device easily picks them up.]

All this magic going about, you'd think the world had gone crazy or something.

You'd think. Still, I hear it's starting to get where nothing's a safe topic out on the streets. That mage, he's got spies everywhere.

He'll as soon zap you as hear your name, and not even then sometimes.

[Locke blinks and looks over at them, not able to keep his thoughts to himself anymore.]

You know, not all magic is bad. [The image of a blonde and beautiful woman using an ice spell to fend off an attacking monster runs through his head followed by the image of a teal-haired girl using a cure spell to heal Locke's injuries.]

Kefka's just the sort to abuse his like he is.

[The two men look at him like he's grown another head and quickly stand as if to go, however, one of them stops and glances back at Locke.]

You know, I wouldn't use his name if I were you, i hear that's one of the was he finds ya and kills ya.

[Locke shrugs.]

There are far worse things than Kefka that I've had to deal with. He doesn't scare me.

[The blonde woman appears again, this time hanging off the side of a flying ship, Locke the only reason she isn't dropping into the ocean far below. His hands slip and she plummets, down to the sea, Locke yelling after her. The vision dissolves and is replaced by the vision of a young woman with dark blue hair falling into a revine and then her dead body in the middle of a burnt village.]

Far worse things...
24 July 2011 @ 01:27 pm
Accidental Audio/Video  
[At first the audio is the only thing that works and what can be heard is the cry of monsters and the sound of a fight. After a few seconds there is a clatter and scraping sound as the device hits the ground triggering the video which shows a pair of brown boots and the body of a mutated giant rat.]

There...damn things. Now then...what dropped?

[The boots are replaced with the face of a young man, who's clearly in a cave, as he finds and picks up the device.]

What's this...I don't remember picking this up...looks like something Edgar'd throw together. Oh well, no point in throwing it away. Maybe if I mess with it enough I'll figure it out... or break it...