12 June 2013 @ 05:31 pm
[Locked from Michael etc]  
Got a question again.

Least favorite story. Or book or movie or some other narrative shit.

Mine's Twilight. Earth, 2005, Stephanie Meyer. If anyone can get me a worse story than that series they get a prize.
21 May 2013 @ 06:52 am
So internet, I guess what you're supposed to do here is ask questions? Looks like what most people use it for anyway. Well, I've got two. One serious and one not serious so you should be able to answer at least one of them, yeah?

1. What do y'think is the worst crime?

2. What's the best food where you're from?
12 May 2013 @ 10:16 am
[Video; locked from Michael]  
[There is a stereotypical businessman working at his computer. For our purposes it doesn't matter what he looks like, because very soon a hand taps on his shoulder.

The guy looks around and immediately scrambles away. The hand belongs to one man with sharp teeth and devil wings... as well as a very silly outfit but you be the judge on that one.

The devil tsks.]
You lied to Saint Peter. You told him your girlfriend was dying in the hospital and you wanted to be there for her when she passed away. Which is sort of true, except it's your ex-girlfriend who you hadn't seen for two months.

[The businessman is stammering something but the devil goes on.] Peter's a sucker for sob stories and he let you come back to life, and for the two weeks from then until now you didn't go near that hospital. Well, guess what? She's dead, and your time is up.

Now, you were kinda borderline before this. You cheated on your wife, you stole from your company... But that was a pretty big lie you just told. So, guess what?

[He leans in close to the man's face with a grin full of teeth.] You're going to Hell, man.

[The man gives an unearthly wail as fire consumes him, leaving nothing but his clothes and his computer. The devil sighs and starts picking up his possessions.]

Getting rid of their stuff is the worst part... eh, what's this blinky light mean? [He presses random buttons on the computer, and one of them cuts off the recording.]