30 September 2013 @ 10:39 am
[Behold: a bed in a stone-hewn bedroom. A bed full of sheets and rather more quilts than are probably necessary. There is movement under the quilts like the beginnings of an earthquake. Something rolls out from under the quilts and onto the floor, something small and blonde and wearing fluffy red pajamas.]

I'm awake, Sarge...ugh. I'm up, I'm up. [Kefka sits up and rubs his face. He looks tired, and his hair is long and tangled.] How am I expected to get up when there's nothing to get up for? At least being in the military meant I had a proper schedule.

[Then he notices the floating camera.] Hey! Community book! [He jumps up and tackles it, sending the screen blurring red and grey and blonde. When it recovers, Kefka's set the book up so it can face him on a white vanity; the table is covered with cosmetics.]

[Kefka picks up a brush and waves it at the camera.]
You have to stay her
e so I can talk to you, you naughty page-flapping phase-clapper! [He pauses, then adds matter of factly:] My connection to the community is alive, so I have to make sure it's paying attention to what I say or it'll fly off and ditch me for a few months like a very very bad flying book monster. It looks like a lot of you are new, so let's get some introductions going!

I am Sir Kefka Palazzo, formerly of the Gestahlian Empire, currently god of the world of Woolsey. [He bows.] I'm bored out of my mind because it turns out 90% of being a god is doing upkeep to make sure the world is running properly, make sure the monsters are fed, blah blah blah I need something to do. If you need a fighting companion, new armor or weapons, he
aling supplies, miracle cures, et cetera, I can provide it for a reasonable price! Or we can talk! Talking is very reasonable and I want to know all of you new people. [Beat.] Talk to me now. Do it.
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26 December 2012 @ 12:23 pm
Video; backdated to yesterday; canon update  
[ Naomi's at the computer, but she looks... different. Shorter hair. Paler. Thinner. For comparison: then and now. But other than that? She seems content as she regards the community. ] It's been a while, hasn't it? I didn't think I'd have seen these ducks agai--

[ There's a knock on the door with a soft "good morning" attached to it. In steps a young girl, holding a black kitten in her hands. She grins excitedly, rushing over. ]

Look, look! Santa left us another kitty! Isn't he cute?! [ She gives Naomi a careful hug, and then hands her the kitten. Are those blue diamonds studding its collar? Why yes they are. That's one lucky black cat, yep. ]  Merry Christmas, Mom!!

[ Naomi smiles a bit before glancing back at the community to say farewell. ] I suppose I'll be available to catch up tomorrow instead, if others I knew here are still around after these years had passed...
17 November 2012 @ 06:37 pm

no but really, Free's on what appears to be a fancy yacht, dressed up like some wealthy douchebag with no fashion sense. beside him is a huge grill with sizzling steak and a couple beautiful girls who're obviously only there because they have nothing better to do (and rich dude).

Naomi Kimishima can be seen in the background, holding a hand to her face.]

Oi, community! There's gonna be a party in... I dunno! Soon. Soon! Haha! Look at all this stuff!

[... no he's not gonna bother explaining how he got everything or why he's even in Naomi's world. YEP, he just wanted to make the announcement and show off.