25 September 2013 @ 02:52 pm
text - there's a killer on the loose  
As a warning to anyone in the Mitakihara area, as per our 'friend's earlier post, it would appear there is a Puella Magi hunting other Puella Magi.

It is currently only in my world as far as I am aware, but given our tangled timelines I can't guarantee that it isn't happening, has yet to happen or has already happened from the perspective of everyone else. If it's the latter, I would request any information on the topic; we're liable to be next.

Whoever is responsible doesn't appear to know about our primary weakness, but I would expect they are far from sane. Take care.

Kirika and I will be maintaining a low profile; with luck, the two of us will be able to guarantee our own safety. Do not worry about us.

-Oriko Mikuni.
23 September 2013 @ 08:52 pm
anonymous; text (link contains details of the murder of a teenager)  
Was looking through the news sites recently and found this article.

Some guy is going around killing teenagers. Can't say I really blame the killer that much, though. Most kids that age are annoying brats. They can't understand anything.

So what if this guy is a 'serial killer' or something? They can't even prove the same person did it, right? So getting all up in arms about it seems kind of pointless to me. You guys agree, right?

((The link goes to a google doc with a fake news article. IC-ly the link is to a news site.))
18 August 2013 @ 01:47 pm
[ video ]  
[ unlike most posts going up on the network today, "Alviss" doesn't seem much different, at first. somewhat uncomfortable, perhaps. annoyed, definitely. but not so different. ]

This was not what I expected upon waking up this morning. [ a short sigh. ] Community, this is Arturia Pendragon, also known by the class name Saber, speaking. It would seem that the latest virus has also struck myself and Alviss. [ frooooown. ] I must admit, it is... somewhat irritating, suddenly being trapped in another's body.

In any case, I have one or two messages. First of all, Yu, if you see this, I am fine. Please care for Alviss as long as he is with you. If this virus is like the rest, it should not last longer than a few days.

Secondly... Alviss, could you get in contact with me as soon as possible? There are some things you should know about the abilities you currently possess, as well as your current situation. I have some questions for you, as well.

Thirdly... do we have a comprehensive list of whom has swapped with whom? This situation may be far easier to manage if that becomes the case. Thank you for your time.
17 August 2013 @ 06:10 pm
[Video | Bodyswap Virus]  
[When the video snaps on, you can see that the person on the video is Oriko. However, the voice and mannerisms? 100% Tsubomi.]

Um... looks like I got hit with this new virus, too. It's... so awkward, really. [Older body, different frame, knowing that she has magic powers and she's been told don't use them as much as she should...] I-It shouldn't take long, right?

Um... Itsuki? Yuri? Erika? Oriko's in my body. Do you mind making sure she's okay? I know this is a bad time for this, but... th-there's not much I can do. I guess I'll be playing sick for a day or so until it all blows by.

(OoC: Replies will be done by [personal profile] for_the_flowers)
17 August 2013 @ 04:50 pm
Video; Bodyswap event  

Well, it seems accounts are maintained during this virus at least... Kirika? Tsubomi? We need a word. To be clear; this is Oriko Mikuni speaking.

Anyone else who was found themselves swapped with a Puella Magi are advised to respond as well.

[...honestly, what a mess...]

((replies will be coming from [profile] falseblossom for icon purposes but it's still IC Oriko's account :|b))
26 July 2013 @ 12:54 pm
☾ 002; video.  
[ The video opens on the streets of Tokyo, a familiar girl standing in the middle of it - Usagi, in her Sailor Moon outfit that some people might have seen during the time in the zombie mall. Except she's looking quite distressed at the countless of bodies lying around on the street, lying there motionlessly like they are nearly dead. ]

What should I do..?! [ Her voice is tiny but clearly desperate. ] How am I going to rescue them all?! I'm supposed to be the leader, but.. I'm not like the others, I don't have any special powers like them at all.. a coward like me can't do anything at a time like this! [ She glenches the goggles of her outfit that she has in her hands instead of on her face this time, her eyes shut and tears ready to fall from them as she sniffs. ] Without Luna I can't do anything-- help me, Luna, what should I do?!

[ But just as she says that there's a flash of black, and a guy in a tuxedo and a cape grabs her, holding her tight and close to him. He speaks up this time. ] Hang in there, Sailor Moon..! You can do this!

[ Usagi mostly looks surprised, but then her wand - the Moon Stick - seems to appear out of nowhere and she tightly grasps it, her face suddenly filled with determination. ]

Maybe.. I can do this.. [ She steadies herself with help of Tuxedo Mask, and when she speaks a bright light emerges from the stick, engulving everything. ] Please.. bring everyone back to life! Help them!

[ The light grows even more, clearly beyond the normal kind of power a magical girl should have, and once it disappears the people around Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask all seem to wake up, even if it's Usagi herself who drops motionlessly in the guy's arms this time, the feed slowly going black as only Tuxedo Mask's voice is still heard, franctically calling out to her. ] Sailor Moon?!

( ooc: usagi will actually be replying to comments, just belated by a few hours icly! )
17 July 2013 @ 09:40 am
text, anon; locked from Kirika  
Is there a Virus going around currently?
15 July 2013 @ 11:14 pm
[ video ]  
[ you know what's really cute? a tiny girl with pigtails dressed in a magical girl detective outfit.

you know what's even cuter? the King of Knights dressed in a near-identical outfit - or at the very least, the hat and cape - right next to her.

the two seem to be hiding behind a wall; it's not clear what they're saying to each other, but Saber seems rather put out by the clothing arrangements, and the little girl seems to be insisting that they are completely necessary. after a moment, Saber seems to (reluctantly) agree. a few moments more of Saber talking, and Nanako nods enthusiastically before darting off over to the other end of the wall, light-up toy held out in front of her.

Saber is left alone to peer out intently around the corner of the wall, eyes narrowed in the manner of someone deliberately watching something in particular.

after a few minutes of this, she suddenly moves back from the wall and dives into the nearest bush without warning.

uh. make of this eccentric behaviour what you will, community...? ]
04 June 2013 @ 07:05 pm
[ The video starts in the dark. As luck would have it, Sawako had just gotten a diary to keep as a present from her father and just as she'd opened it to write in it, the power had miraculously gone out in the house.

This means, of course, that the video starts with Sawako leaning over the diary, so her long black hair obscures the view of her face properly. The community seems to be the only light beaming up onto her face, making it look rather dramatic against her pale skin and after she realized she was being recorded, the most rigid, creepy smile pulled to her face. ]


[ Maybe she really can talk to the spirits of the dead now like everyone always says... Otherwise, how could her book be glowing like this and making her look perhaps, a little more like Sadako than normal. ]
03 June 2013 @ 11:55 am
*The video turns on to a woman sighing and shaking her head.*

I suppose whatever this community is has trapped me for good. Don't worry about explanations. It didn't take long to sort through the preceding records, as well as find the temporary solution of posting and resigning myself to my fate.

Since this does seem to be a public forum, I have a question. What do any of you do when somebody very important, both to you and the world at large, insists upon being irresponsible?
01 June 2013 @ 11:06 pm
[video; intro]  
[A young girl, dressed in black, leans towards the camera. She's practically smiling with delight.]

Ah, Saint Germant outdid himself this time! It's a wonderful gift--I speak into this and it'll record my voice as well as my image? [She's talking to someone off-screen. Getting an answer the girl smiles even wider.] Hehe... If anyone could come up with this, my Saint Germant could!

[She pats the camera like one would pet a small dog. The way she tilts her head next indicates there's someone talking to her off-screen.] Don't worry, I'll have my tea in the garden like always. I'll show Brother this wonderful gift when he gets back home. Though, I must wonder...

[She pouts.] If a man has enough free time to design such machines wouldn't he have enough free time to visit the person he's engaged to? Oh, don't worry. I'll write him a letter about it later.

Now, little camera, it's just you and me. It's a little lonely, isn't it? Georik won't be back until sunset today... How about I sing you a rhyme? It might suit you, since you're made out of springs. [With that, the girl begins singing a soft nursery rhyme.] Hickory, dickory, dock...the mouse ran up the clock....

[The video ends.]
12 May 2013 @ 10:16 am
[Video; locked from Michael]  
[There is a stereotypical businessman working at his computer. For our purposes it doesn't matter what he looks like, because very soon a hand taps on his shoulder.

The guy looks around and immediately scrambles away. The hand belongs to one man with sharp teeth and devil wings... as well as a very silly outfit but you be the judge on that one.

The devil tsks.]
You lied to Saint Peter. You told him your girlfriend was dying in the hospital and you wanted to be there for her when she passed away. Which is sort of true, except it's your ex-girlfriend who you hadn't seen for two months.

[The businessman is stammering something but the devil goes on.] Peter's a sucker for sob stories and he let you come back to life, and for the two weeks from then until now you didn't go near that hospital. Well, guess what? She's dead, and your time is up.

Now, you were kinda borderline before this. You cheated on your wife, you stole from your company... But that was a pretty big lie you just told. So, guess what?

[He leans in close to the man's face with a grin full of teeth.] You're going to Hell, man.

[The man gives an unearthly wail as fire consumes him, leaving nothing but his clothes and his computer. The devil sighs and starts picking up his possessions.]

Getting rid of their stuff is the worst part... eh, what's this blinky light mean? [He presses random buttons on the computer, and one of them cuts off the recording.]
17 March 2013 @ 10:31 pm
[ text | locked from kotomine and archer | dated before gil's post ]  
I do not wish to be the bearer of ill news, but I fear that I will not have much time left to speak with you, community. My time tonight has been spent pursuing Rider and his Master, as I believed them to have kidnapped Irisviel. But I was mistaken. The true culprit had disguised themselves with some form of illusion, and escaped my sight. Whether it was Berserker, or perhaps even Archer...

... in any case, that detail is irrelevant to this post. I merely wished to say that since the war is fast drawing to its close, I think this may be the last time I speak with you all. I do not know what will transpire in the coming days, or how it will ultimately end. There has been much that has thrown my heart into doubt recently. But it has been a true honour knowing those I have spoken to here, and for your company I thank you.

If I may leave you all with some parting advice... please exercise great caution when having any dealings with either Archer or Father Kirei Kotomine. They are both highly dangerous men, and not simply because of their prowess in their respective martial disciplines. It would greatly vex me if any of you were to fall foul of either of them.

That is all, I believe. Thank you for your attention.
13 March 2013 @ 05:34 pm
backdated to immediate post-xDere  
[...well, Oriko doesn't seem to be bothering with theatrics this time. If anything she looks completely exhausted; slumped at a table with several stained cups of coffee with that distinctly frazzled, crumpled look of someone who hasn't had any sleep in the last 24 hours. That idiot version of her has managed to create a complete and utter mess for... herself... and urgh things had been going so well. Or at least, mostly according to plan.

Personally, she considers herself just a bit too busy right now to be doing this sort of thing, but some things need to be said.]

Hello. Again.

As you probably gathered, I was under the influence of a virus in my previous announcement. Any promises made are hereby considered null and void.

That's all. Carry on with your day. Miss Tomoe, we need to discuss things.

[and yep, feed cuts out.]
09 March 2013 @ 01:23 pm
03 | Video | Xdere | The World and All It's Problems  
[hat, hair and skirts billowing, Oriko stands, royal and resplendent, with perfect balance atop the tallest spire of Mitakihara, the recorder at the perfect angle to capture the city beneath her in all its glory, despite it presumably being in mid air (hint: magic. Or possibly one of the spheres and some duct tape BUT THAT DOESN'T MATTER).

From her place at the top of the world, she preaches, master of all she surveys, seven silver spheres spinning as planets orbit the sun.]

Greetings, my kin!

I hear there are dark times afoot! Matters of machination, of death, destruction and hollow glory, but hold no fear!

I will protect you.

I will save you!

If you would follow my lead, and accept this will and wisdom, then harken to me! None shall falter under my gracious watch, and together, we shall lead into a new world! Without grief, without despair, without loss! We shall form a world so perfect none shall be sad!

What say you?

[...so yes, Oriko has snapped. Sort of.]
09 March 2013 @ 01:25 pm
[ voice | locked from team yuetsu | we interrupt your regularly scheduled virus for a psa ]  
[ the Doctor sounds a bit... well, shell-shocked, today. and slightly out of breath, as if he'd just run into his ship from the outside and got her into the air before immediately switching the mike on. ]

Right. Well, all things considered, that could've gone worse.

[ raising his voice a little, he announces: ] Bit of advice for you all: if you ever happen to be caught in a tight spot with an Oruplasmian, whatever you do, don't let her try and solve the problem by swallowing it. You think you've seen bad indigestion in whatever your species is, let me tell you, you haven't seen anything until you've had to tangle with the Oruplasmian digestive system.

[ beat. ]

Oh, and while I'm here, has anyone else noticed that Kirei Kotomine and Goldilocks's world has been locked off? Someone might want to look into that, just a thought. Any other time the community's restricted access to a world, it's never been good.

[ another beat, a longer one, this time. ]

Oh, and all those dealing with a virused friend over the next few days, remember to stay in touch. The personality switching ones can be a bit on the hairy side.

Right, I think that's pretty much everything. Ta much!
08 March 2013 @ 09:34 am
[And the video clicks on to show Tsubomi at her desk, fiddling away at some drawings. Seems like she's had a bit of inspiration. However, she lets out a small sigh as she shakes her head, erasing something. She looks up, blinks, then lets a smile melt onto her face.]

It's been a little on the slow side since what happened with Hayate... then again, I could use the break! Fighting almost every day can be exhausting...

Has anything interesting happened where you all are at?

[Nope, nothing can go wrong with a simple question, yes?]
01 March 2013 @ 01:55 pm
[canon update] [voice] [yes you heard me] [locked from team saber and team lancer(s)]  
[Those of you who have spoken to Kirei in person before may have noted that he sounds very flat and monotone.


He doesn't now.]

If a superior made a mistake, would it be your duty to correct them? Or would you let them flounder in their own errors? I suppose it would depend on how severe the error is, if nothing else. Some mistakes are just small missteps in judgment, after all. It's almost impossible to know everything all at once.

But there are some mistakes that can only be made once. Ones so large that they can't be taken back. You become stuck upon a path, winding outward from the consequences of your actions. Inevitably, those consequences must come back to us.

If the person above you made a mistake of that magnitude...


Would you be one of those consequences?

[Casually, in the background:]

It appears that Kotomine Kirei is rather long-winded, today.

(OOC: gold = gilgamesh. Also, people trying to worldhop into fate/zero verse will now find it worldlocked! nobody's coming in or out. We runnin' this!)
23 February 2013 @ 11:03 pm
Hey all!

Just a quick question, while I have time.

If you were going to hire someone to transport something, what qualities would you like them to have, and what would you want to move?

Magic, enemies, weight, none of that matters. Just the best service!